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***All sexually active characters depicted herein are of age, 18 years old at least, and, all sexual activities portrayed are consensual. Enjoy!***

Heavily pregnant, Tiffany, 22, is expecting the arrival of her child at any moment. Eager to expedite the baby’s arrival, the expectant mother has enlisted the assistance of her fiance, and father of the child, Craig, 21, availing use of his cock to plunge deep into her pussy. Tiffany lays reclined for optimal comfort amidst a bed of cushions and pillows supporting her entire body like laying on a bed of marshmallows. Her breathing is short and sharp, but tries to breathe as deep as she can; not easy with a long cock pounding her hard, knocking the wind out of her. She glares at Craig with annoyance, tired, aching, and wanting it to be done with… With love…

Craig edges himself close, and pulls out, turning to the use of a dildo to fill in for him whilst he calms down a little. He and Tiffany are trying for longevity, so by not allowing him to cum, Craig is able to maintain his erection so it can be of continued use, with the dildo to provide Tiffany sufficient stimulation in the interim. Craig finds himself tiring, after his efforts for a few hours already this morning, but, he understands that Tiffany must be feeling a lot worse, so, he keeps quiet, and soldiers on… With love…

Tiffany feels her hormones pumping through her hard with each beating of her heart, and the dildo is once again replaced by Craig’s cock, thrusting hard and fast into her. The hormones churn and swirl, like a concoction in a cauldron being stirred by a ladle, stewing, reaching boiling point, and…


Craig feels something wet run down his legs, pulling out his cock, and Tiffany’s pussy gushes with a large volume of liquid onto the floor between Craig’s legs. He stares at Tiffany, in shock, asking, “Is that? Are you?”

Tiffany groans annoyedly, and shouts, “Yes, my water has broke. At least, I fucking hope so. I don’t think it’s gonna be a huge orgasm,” and she tries to sit herself up amidst the soft cushions, looking at Craig as he stands staring at her, trying to offer his hands to help her up, and she screams, “Don’t just stand there. I’m not going to magically float in thin air. Geez…”

Craig hoists Tiffany up from the cushions, and helps her out of the house to the car. He slides the passenger seat as far back as it will go, and holds her hands as she lowers herself down onto it, settling in to the hard and uncomfortable fabric. She huffs disappointedly, but chooses to keep quiet for now. He helps her in, clips the belt around her, and gets in to drive her to the hospital. Trying to be of comfort to Tiffany, he tells her, “It won’t be long. It will all be over before you know it.”

Tiffany quips, “It will all be done a lot faster if you stop fussing over me, and get a fucking move on,” spurring Craig into action by shouting, “Come on! Come on! Come-ah-ah-ah-ah-aaaaaggghh… Ugh, you bitch!”

Craig concernedly asks, “What’s wrong?”

Tiffany screws up her face, displeased by the question, demanding of Craig, “Just… fucking… drive!”

On the way to the hospital, the couple are met by red lights at most of the intersections and cross-walks, with Craig stopping for each one. Tiffany winces and groans, “Why are we fucking stopping every five feet? Couldn’t have chosen a better route?”

Craig calmly explains, “Remember, we tested this many times, and the lights were fine. It’s just a pain.”

Tiffany snaps, “Am I a pain?”

Craig calmly responds, “You are not a pain. The lights are a pain.”

Tiffany sucks the air through her clenched teeth, breathing short and sharp, and she strains hard. She watches the streets wheel past, agonising as she tries to find comfort as her back and legs feel numb in the seat. Closing her eyes, she clutches at her belly, and tries to catch her breath.

After feeling pulled and strained for what seems like forever, Tiffany opens her eyes to see the entrance to the hospital, and Craig rushes in to get help with her. Some nurses help her into a wheelchair, and she is taken inside. Craig takes this moment to call his mother, going to voicemail, leaving a message, saying, “We’re at the hospital. Come with Dad as soon as you get this.”

Craig then calls his sister, who picks up, answering, “Hello, Craig?”

He frantically tells her, “Frankie, I have just brought Tiffany to the hospital. Her water has broke. It’s happening.”

Frankie giggles, telling her brother to, “Breathe, please. Pleasant and I will be right there.”

Craig says, “Okay. See you soon,” and hangs up. He goes to park the car in the car park, and heads inside the hospital.

In the waiting room of the maternity ward, Craig sits patiently, and is soon met by Frankie, 22, and her husband, Pleasant, 25, both giving Craig a hug as Frankie asks, “How is she?”

Craig replies, “They took her straight to delivery. I was told about ten minutes ago that she needs to be dilated london escorts more before the baby can come. They are doing everything they can to help her, but, the baby will come in it’s own time. It could be ten minutes, or an hour. If it takes too long, they say they will do a cesarean. Apparently it’s very safe, and there is nothing to worry about if it comes to that, but will do what they can to deliver naturally.”

Frankie and Pleasant sit with Craig, with Pleasant asking him, “How are you?”

Craig glances a tired look at Pleasant before relaxing to look ahead, allowing his eyes to fall shut, replying, “I am so drained already. Tiffany has been so demanding, at all hours. She is constantly irritated by me, berating me at every other moment, quick to tell me I am useless, and, that she doesn’t want me around.”

Frankie says, “She doesn’t mean that.”

Pleasant agrees, “It must be difficult for her.”

Craig answers, “I know,” allowing his head to lay comfortably in the crook between the waiting room wall and the backrest of the seat, falling asleep.

Time ticks by, and Lucy, 44, and George, 48, Craig’s and Frankie’s parents, come to find them in the waiting room. Frankie updates them on everything that has been happening thus far, allowing Craig further rest whilst they talk.

Frankie informs her family, “Pleasant and I have been looking to adopt. It has been something that is making us look at how we are living right now, with a room not suitable for children. We have thought about having locks on the door, but, we are thinking about having a change in the stream room; make it into a nursery or play room, somewhere a child can play, and learn, and grow, you know?”

Lucy wonders, “What will happen with your work?”

Pleasant explains, “We are looking to take our activities out of the house, and into a studio, with space to expand our operation to include multiple performers, on multiple streams, at the same time. We just need to find the right space at the right price, and put out adverts to encourage people to try out.

“I have even reached out to some of my male friends, and there is interest from them to perform too. Perhaps one-off event streams at first when they are available, and look at their interest in more regular scheduling.

“We do well for ourselves, and with Gabby too. It’s nice that she gives us the chance to afford being off-camera when we need it, but, it would be nice to have a larger roster of performers so we can all enjoy a better work-life balance. Gabby works hard, and enjoys it, but she will have her limits, and, I don’t want her to feel pushed, or like she has to work harder.

“We will see what happens, but, for now, we really would like a child around. It feels like Frankie and I have been missing something from our lives, and, it’s something I have thought about for a very, very long time. Adopting seems like a good idea, but, it also feels strange to me that it won’t be our child. I will always feel like it is someone else’s, and, I just don’t want that.”

George suggests, “Have you thought about IVF?”

Pleasant rubs her belly, looking down as she does, and she nervously says, “I don’t know. I guess I think it should be as natural as possible? I’m healthy, and we’re happy, but, we’re just not built to do it.”

Lucy asks Pleasant, “Are you considering having the baby yourself?”

Pleasant shyly replies, “It has been a curiosity deep in my mind since I was a young girl at school. I just don’t expect it to happen because of my sexuality. Would I even be a good mother?”

Frankie places her hand on Pleasant’s belly too, and tells her, “You would be the best mother. You are kind, caring, giving, loving, compassionate, and, you have no problems with being strict when you need to, but never out of spite.”

Pleasant smiles, comforted by her wife’s words, saying, “Thanks, babe,” and pondering, “Just, who would be the donor? I don’t want some stranger as part of our child.”

George offers, “I could do it.”

Frankie laughs, and Lucy says shocked, “You are quick to jump in there. Naughty. Very naughty,” giving George a wry smile after his chastising.

“Okay,” utters Pleasant, escaping her lips before she even realises she said anything. She hears herself, and feels a tug of apprehension in her heart, but smiles broadly, blushing as she confirms, “Yes, I would be willing to do that. That way, a part of Frankie will always be a part of our child, along with me.”

Frankie giggles, and says to her husband, “That does sound very thoughtful. I love you. I would love to watch.”

Pleasant instinctively says, “I love you too,” and takes a deep breath before asking Frankie, “Actually, I would rather be alone with him, if you don’t mind? I am very nervous about doing it with a man. I am very self-conscious when it comes to that.”

Frankie sees the tense expression of Pleasant’s face, one of nervous embarrassment, and she says, “Of course. It is a big moment for you. I london escort understand.”

Lucy asks Frankie, “Are you sure you are alright with this?”

Frankie tells her, “I’m more than happy. It is exciting.”

George says to Pleasant, “Let me know when you are ready.”

Pleasant nods, saying, “No time like the present, but, let us see the baby first. Then, we could…”

George accepts her wishes, “Find me when you are ready. I will be waiting.”

A nurse comes out to the family, and asks, “Are you with Tiffany Bright?”

Frankie nudges Craig hard with the point of her elbow, making him curl forward in agony as he awakens, and she replies to the nurse, “Yes. He’s the father.”

The nurse tells Craig, “You are a father now, for sure. Do you want to come and see?”

Craig’s heart flutters with excitement, and his face beams bright, saying, “Yes. Take me to them.”

The nurse brings him to Tiffany, who is relaxing on the bed, with it inclined at a comfortable sitting angle for her, and she sees Craig arrive, reaching for his hand, saying, “You’re here. I have missed you.”

Craig tells Tiffany, “I was in the waiting room. They said I wasn’t allowed in while everything was going on.”

Tiffany smiles, and says with relief, “I know. I’m just happy you are here.”

The midwife calls, “And, he is here in time for you to meet your child,” cradling in her arms a bundle of white towel all wrapped up, handing it over to Tiffany, who holds it snugly to her chest, looking down to see the face, and the midwife says, “Meet your baby girl. She is a healthy eight pounds.”

Craig feels enormous elation upon seeing his daughter’s face for the first time, with some matted hair clinging to her forehead, and her eyes closed, sleeping, comforted in the arms of her mother. For all the relief he feels, Craig can’t begin to imagine what Tiffany feels in this moment, but all he can do is be here to support the two most important girls in his life… With love…

The midwife asks the parents, “Do we have a name for her?”

Tiffany beams a bright smile upon her daughter’s face, and answers, “Joy.”

The midwife asks, “And, her surname?”

Craig answers, “Bright.”

Tiffany looks confused, asking, “Not Bright-Reid, or Reid-Bright?”

Craig looks lovingly on his daughter, and replies, “I love Joy Bright more.”

Tiffany confirms for the midwife, “Joy Bright.”

The midwife says, “I will write that down.”

Allowing a few minutes for Craig to sit with Tiffany and Joy, the midwife tells him, “Tiffany and Joy need some time to rest, and so we can monitor their health to ensure everything is as it should be, then, if all is right, they will be allowed to come home. I’m sure Joy has a whole family eager to meet her.”

Craig responds, “That is very true,” and kisses Tiffany and Joy, with a kiss each on their foreheads, saying, “I will see you both soon.”

Craig goes back into the waiting room, with everyone eager for news, and with his heart soaring, and face beaming bright, he informs them, “We have a daughter. She weighs eight pounds, and looks adorable. We have called her Joy Bright.” The waiting room erupts with cheers and applause, and everyone pulls Craig in for hugs, jumping around with enthusiastic excitement upon hearing the news of the new arrival. Craig further explains to the family, “They are going to be monitored for a while, I expect a couple of hours, after which, if nothing is wrong, they will come out to meet us.”

Lucy leads with, “Congratulations, Craig. We can’t wait,” with everyone else following to congratulate the father in turn.

With everyone waiting patiently, wheeled in a wheelchair into the waiting room by a nurse, Tiffany takes Joy to meet the awaiting family. Frankie and Pleasant, Lucy and George, and Craig all gather around to get a good look at the newest member of the family, and Frankie asks her friend, “How are you?”

Tiffany replies, “I am so relieved to finally have her out of me. She was a good girl for mommy, but it was getting a little much for me. She didn’t want to leave, but I managed to persuade her to get a move on.”

Lucy recalls, “I remember Frankie being slightly overdue, and reluctant to come out,” telling her daughter, “I understand that I made a nice and comfortable home for you, but you had to leave at some point.”

Frankie, almost embarrassed, gasps, “Mom, I didn’t have any trouble moving out, if you remember.”

Lucy jokes, “From one motherly home, to another strong female authority figure. You, my dear, have a mommy kink.”

Pleasant enquires with a smirk, “Is that it? You ended up marrying your mommy? Do I remind you of her?”

Exasperated, Frankie stammers, “You… She… I… See… Ugh, never mind,” giggling, and leaning down for a closer look at Joy, commenting, “You are so cute! I can’t wait to take you off your mother’s hands, and play with you, and pamper you, and dress you up, and take cute selfie’s, and become an internet sensation, london escort agency and treat you to all the toys you can play with, and we are going to have so much fun, and…”

“Frankie,” says Tiffany, catching her attention, “I know you are excited, but, please, give me five minutes with my daughter before you go plotting how you are going to take her from me.”

Giggling, Frankie steps back, and coolly says to Tiffany, “Sorry, I got carried away there. I’m just saying, when you and Craig need some time on your own, you can count on me.”

Pleasant asks Frankie, “Aren’t you going to consult with me before you bring a child into my house to look after?”

Frankie cheekily retorts, “I will in time when it becomes appropriate, and we can all align our schedules. And, we already look after a child anyway. Joy will probably be better behaved too.”

Pleasant shakes her head, and says, “Gabby would give you such a slap if she heard you say that.”

Frankie remarks, “Eh, she’s heard far worse.”

Tiffany giggles, and considers Frankie’s offer, “Hehe, we will figure something out I’m sure.”

Pleasant interestedly asks Lucy, “What was Frankie like as a baby?”

Lucy recalls, “She was very curious as a baby, and, in particular, she couldn’t get enough of mommy’s tits; I couldn’t even say it was just for milk either, but, I allowed her to indulge in her curiosity. Frankie was always very outgoing.”

Tiffany tries to remember, “Yeah, I always remember Frankie putting herself out there and playing with the other kids at play group. She always had people around her. I remember Craig being quietly curious, choosing to sit on his own to play with the toys rather than anyone else.”

Lucy confirms, “Yeah, Craig was always much more quiet.”

Pleasant comments, “Not much has changed over the years then?”

Lucy contentedly says, “No. Not much has changed at all. I like it like that though. It feels very natural, like, that’s how things should be.”

Tiffany suggests, “Shall we go home? It will be great to relax, and settle in with Joy.”

At home, Tiffany finds a comfy seat in the living room, with Craig joining her and Joy, and Lucy makes everyone a drink in the kitchen. Pleasant takes Frankie’s hand, and asks her, “About George being our baby’s donor, are you sure we should do this?”

Frankie caresses her husband’s cheek gently, and tells her, “I’m sure. You having second thoughts?”

Pleasant confesses, “I have never been this nervous.”

Frankie smiles, and says, “It’s okay. Have fun,” and goes to join Craig, Tiffany, and Joy in the living room.

Pleasant turns to George, shyly glancing down at his shoes, and she says, “I’m ready. As ready as I’ll ever be.”

George takes Pleasant’s hands in his, and gently says, “You don’t have to do this.”

Pleasant glances up into his eyes, and says, “I can’t imagine a better way to have our child,” and grips George’s hands, offering, “Shall we?”

As Pleasant and George pass Lucy on their way to the stairs, Pleasant catches Lucy giving her a smile, and it makes her blush, as they disappear from view. George guides Pleasant along the corridor on the landing, and into the master bedroom at the end.

Pleasant pauses before the bed, as George closes the door behind him, allowing them to be alone and unseen. This doesn’t help with Pleasant’s anxiety in this moment. It is weird to her that such uncertainty would grip her, given the things she has done and seen with the family in this room, on this bed, but, still, she shudders in her breath as she stands here now.

George stands at Pleasant’s rear, and gently says into her ear, “You choose what happens now. I won’t force you to do anything you are uncomfortable with, girl. If all that happens is we do nothing, and go back down to the others, then, that is what happens. I can tell you are nervous. It is so unusual to see you like this. I normally see you so strong, and assured. Knowing that, I don’t want to hurt you; that would hurt Frankie, and, I don’t want to go through that.”

Pleasant’s breath catches, and she says, “I don’t want to hurt Frankie either. I have always felt like I need to keep men at arms-length. Many have tried to force themselves on me, and, I worked on ways to defend myself. I… hated men for a long time; perhaps starting with father, feeling abandoned by him as he toiled away at business. It wasn’t until Rajesh that I saw someone different, but, he too had his desires. I even recall your eyes undressing me when we first met. Now, I am to invite you to do something that goes against my very being.”

George respectfully asks, “Turn around? Look at me?,” which Pleasant does, and he raises his hands to the level of their eyes, saying, “It would break my heart if I ever felt like I violated you, in any way. We can go at any time. You are free to do as you please.”

Pleasant stares into George’s eyes, piercing deep into his soul, and she says, “At my stag do, I enjoyed four of the closest men to me, and, on my honeymoon, I enjoyed the man I respect the most. What was done was reconciled as work, or, helping a friend in need, and, I set a hard boundary, not to be crossed. To get what I need now, that boundary needs to be crossed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32