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Group Sex

This is the third part of fictitious story of Melissa, a young female rookie police officer selected to participate in an undercover assignment assigned to a federal task force. Her FTO will serve as her guardian angel and security back up. The romance between Melissa and Gene continues with more revelations about themselves. LB, formerly known as FBB, my love and soul mate is the coauthor and editor.


Melissa, Gene, their boss, a Metro Police LT, and the fed’s special agent in charge, (or SAC) were all quiet traveling in the elevator. At the door to the task force offices, they showed the uniformed security officer their creds and he gave them temporary access badges that were on beaded chains that they placed around their necks. Melissa’s badge dangled between her pert breasts and gave everyone she passed a reason to stare at her trim yet feminine figure. Entering the conference room, the SAC introduced them to the other agents that would be working the case and a few specialists that would provide various support illegal bahis functions.

“This is Melissa. She will be our UC (under-cover) while Gene will be her “guardian angel” (back up always close at hand). They’ll need to be briefed up on the case and will need to meet with each of the support office reps before they leave today.”

Each agent briefed their part of the case and Melissa gathered there was a corrupt politician who was selling government contracts and favors. Because most of the money was coming from “federal sources,” the Feds had jurisdiction over the crime. Since the target may have recognized officers that had ‘been on the job’, the SAC asked for a fresh officer straight from the academy and one that was appropriately nice looking, young, sexy, and with the maturity to operate as a UC.

After the briefing they made the rounds to each support rep. The first was a surveillance specialist that wanted to talk to them about the cars they planned to lease. He would install the radios, covert recording equipment, illegal bahis siteleri as well as special compartments that would contain back-up weapons in the event they may need them. He explained that to open the compartments a sensor would have to recognize the fingerprint of the person before the class-7 lock would disarm.

He suggested that Melissa would probably work best with something sporty. After comparing a few models, he suggested a Porsche 918 Cabriolet as a nice pick for Melissa and for Gene a high-end European SUV. Using an American model would look similar to ones used by many law enforcement agencies. After they rented the cars, the specialist told them to send them to a specific garage downtown, which turned out to be a fed front company, to have the special gear installed.

Next, they stopped by the armor, or gunsmith. He opened the vault and they selected a number of different weapons. They both preferred Sig Sauer’s but Melissa also chose a small S burying his face into her love mound tasting canlı bahis siteleri the pussy that he had dreamt about all day. She couldn’t believe how he made her feel, oh so good! Could life be this good? He moved from licking down her pussy lips and pushed her back so she was lying on the deck exposing her ass to his tongue that he began to lick and pressed his tongue against her pink bud and then back to sucking on her clitoris. Climbing from the water, he picked her up and carried her into the house, letting her down softly on the carpeted floor in the den. He plunged his throbbing cock into her pussy to fuck her for the second time that day.

Gene’s cock was racing in when he felt her small but muscular body begin to press against him. Melissa rolled him onto the floor without letting him slip out of her vagina. She now had him lying on the floor with his arms stretched and his wrist pinned to the floor. She kept up the motion, moving her hips over his love tool bring him closer and closer to orgasm. She dropped her head down, released his arms and began sucking on his nipples. He wrapped his arms around her holding her tight as his cum rushed through his cock and into her pussy.

Collapsing on top of him she kissed him again, “Superman, what are you doing to me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32