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As I waited for Nick to decide on his next move, I perched on the side of the pool table, just in his line of sight. I sat with my legs crossed, at an angle, allowing me to turn my head and shoulders just enough to watch him take his next shot. I saw his eyes quickly glance up and down my body before refocusing on the task at hand. He drew the pool cue back slowly, then tapped the white ball against the green stripe, sinking it into the pocket just behind me. The white ball came to a stop not far from where I was sitting, meaning Nick would no doubt want me to move.

Nick and I had met earlier that night. I barely knew anyone at the birthday party, as we were celebrating a friend’s husband’s birthday. Nick, who was 8 years my junior, was at the party with his friends from Uni. The birthday boy was the father of one of those friends. I’d spend most of the evening hiding away in the basement watching and playing pool, I hated being sober and not knowing anyone when everyone else seemed to be drinking. Our paths had crossed earlier when he came down to the basement to watch the same game as me. One of the rather drunk teenage girls at the party had taken a liking to him and he had been doing all he could to avoid her attention.

Since then, we had spent some time chatting by the fire upstairs and claimed victory in a doubles game of pool against his best friend Paul and the drunken teenage girl. Nick and Paul were supposed to be playing but the girl desperately wanted to get close to Nick. Somehow she was tricked into taking Paul’s shot, thus landing her on his team whilst I agreed to step in to support Nick. Since our earlier meeting, I had been helping Nick to deflect her attention and avoid being left alone with her. It had helped pass the evening with some amusement.

Now, Nick made his way around the pool table towards me. I twisted my body to follow his path until he stood directly in front of me, just inches away. It was difficult to maintain eye contact with him at this distance, as an unexpected urge to lean forward and kiss him swept over me as I looked up to meet his gaze.

“You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you Sophia?”

“Easy for you? Why would I want to do that?” I was still winning at this point with me potting 4 solids to his 3 stripes, though this was through sheer luck rather than skill. I wanted to use every advantage possible to keep the lead and without me sitting here, it would be an easy shot for him to level the score. “Surely you can just work around me?”

I wasn’t sure what had come over me. There was no denying that Nick was an incredibly handsome guy. He was around 6 feet tall, with a broad, muscular frame. I could tell he liked to work out. His features were youthful with dark hair, baby blue eyes and a huge cheeky grin that made the rest of his face light up. I’d never been attracted to younger men in the past, but I found I didn’t want this game with Nick to end. It was a bonus that he came across as more mature than his friends, and seemed genuinely nice.

Maybe it was the situation that made it feel like we were already doing something that we shouldn’t be. We had already spent a lot of time together throughout the evening, which I am sure had not gone unnoticed, and now we were in the basement behind a locked door. We had locked it earlier to give Nick a rest from the growing teenage fan club that had been following him from room to room like a litter of lost puppy dogs. The locked door thrilled me, as I knew if the guests realised we’d locked ourselves in the basement, rumours of our activity together would spread like wildfire. Part of me wanted to give truth to those rumours, not that the others would know of that truth.

Nick took a small step towards me, closing the already small gap between us from inches to centimetres. Then he stepped forward again, so that he was lightly pressing against my legs. I knew bahis firmaları he wouldn’t need to stand so close to the table to make his shot, so this close proximity was for my benefit or his own, or he thought the closeness would intimidate me into moving. As he pressed more of his weight against me, my knees parted to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of the edge of the table digging into the back of my legs. As his weight shifted from being against my legs, to between them, I saw a flash of desire across his face, before being quickly replaced with the cheeky grin I was becoming accustomed too. That grin made me feel weak and was the reason I’d sat on the edge of the pool table to begin with.

Once Nick could comfortably stand between my knees, he stepped back a little to allow room to bend forward and line up his next shot. I had a feeling that Nick knew exactly what he was doing, and somehow had me right where he wanted me. Time slowed down as I watched him lean forward slowly, his head lowering until his chin hovered slightly higher than my knees. The tension inside me increased with every second that passed. But then the moment was over as he made his shot and stood back upright, a few inches away from me.

I’d been too fixated on Nick to watch the pool table, and took a moment to tune back into reality and realise it must be my turn now. Nick had continued to stand in front of me, watching me, waiting for me. I desperately wanted him to step forward again, to press his body against mine, but that was just a fantasy, so instead I slowly lowered myself from my perch, feeling the material from my already too short dress catching and riding up the back of my thighs to expose the round curve of my buttocks. I blushed, despite knowing Nick couldn’t see anything from his standing point in front of me, then smoothed the material down to its rightful place before turning around to assess the table.

I took my time choosing which shot to make, slowly making my way around the table as I examined the different angles. To some it may have looked like I knew what I was doing, but in reality I was just buying myself a little time to compose. I eventually decided to the red ball. It wasn’t the easiest shot to try and make, as it involved leaning right over the table, it also involved doing so almost directly in front of the small sofa which Nick had now moved too. His position was slightly to the right of mine, and I tried to angle my body further to the left to save myself from the embarrassment of knowing there was no way my short skater dress would fully cover my rear as I leant over for the shot. As I lined up the cue, I could hear shuffling behind me, and couldn’t help wondering if Nick had moved to allow himself a better view underneath my skirt, a glimpse of the thin, lacy red thong covering my pussy and making its way up between my cheeks. I tried not to think about whether he had moved to appreciate the view, or merely to get comfortable but the thought had already put me off my game and I miss hit the ball entirely.

I stood and turned around with an embarrassed smile on my face just as Nick began to stand from his new position in the centre of the sofa, directly behind me. I lifted myself on to the edge of the pool table once again as Nick made his way around to the side for his next shot. As before, I positioned myself at an angle so I could watch him and his shot. He easily sunk the blue stripe into the pocket just to my left, levelling the score, but did nothing more than rearrange the table with his next shot.

He made his way back around to my side of the table. He still had one more shot and I wasn’t quite sure what his plan was as I couldn’t see an obvious move for him at this end. Yet he continued until he was stood directly in front of me again. The close proximity of his body to mine replicated that of a few minutes earlier and my knees involuntarily parted kaçak iddaa to the same position they were in before. Nick stepped forward, but instead of lining up his next shot, he left the cue resting against the edge of the table to my left and ran his fingers along the cushion until they met the curves of my body. His other hand rested lightly on the cushion at the other side of me. My breath caught in my throat at his light touch, which he took as permission to continue his journey from the cushion up my side to rest on my waistline.

“It’s still your shot Nick” I breathed, trying to hide the lust in my voice.

“Later,” came his quick response as his other hand made its way on to my thigh. His face no longer hid his looks of desire which openly replaced the cheeky grin from earlier. “Unless you don’t want this?”

He didn’t need to explain what he meant with that, and my bare legs hooked behind him to pull him in closer as a means of consent. My right hand held onto the edge of the table for support as my left arm snaked around his neck. His slow and light movements suddenly became rough and urgent as he pushed the bottom of my dress higher up my legs. He hand on my waist, moved around my back and pulled me forward, closer the edge of the table and closer to him. As I pressed up against him, I could feel his growing erection through his jeans and didn’t want to control my urges any longer. The hand holding on to the table let go and began to tug at his belt and buttons instead. As I did this, the arm around my waist lifted me from the table slightly so that he could push my dress up further, and gain access to the lacy thong beneath. The skirt of my dress was loose and moved over my thighs and bum easily.

Once he had lowered my bare cheeks back onto the edge of the table, he pulled away from me suddenly. I was panting, overcome with excitement and feeling dazed and confused at the abrupt end to our closeness. Before I knew it, he was pressed against me again, pulling me back toward the edge of the table so I could feel his cock rubbing against me. The sudden pause to our actions had been so Nick could pull a condom out of his wallet, I hadn’t appreciated this in the moment but was glad he was mature enough to think about it.

I finished pulling down the zipper on his jeans, as his fingers gently rubbed my clit through the thin material on my underwear. We could both feel that I was ready for him as my wetness had soaked through the material at his touch. With one hand, he deftly open the condom package, freed his cock from within his boxers and rolled the rubber down his swollen, hard shaft. Both of Nick’s hands rubbed up the outside of my thighs, then moved around to the back to squeeze my buttocks. As he squeezed, his cock rubbed against my clit and I let out a small moan at the feeling. My hand pushed the material of my thong to the side as Nick lined the head of him penis with my opening.

He squeezed my bum again, and simultaneously thrust himself inside me. As I cried out, I pressed my face into his shoulder to muffle the sounds. My legs clenched around his hips, pulling him further inside me with each thrust. My fingers clawed at his back, unable to get enough of the pleasure engulfing me. I could feel the edges of my orgasm creeping over me, but not quite ready to build into the euphoric release I craved. Nick continued to thrust deeply inside me, at an incredible pace.

His fingers wove through my hair, gently tugging my face away from his shoulder. His tongue pressed against my collarbone and danced its way along my skin and up the side of my neck. Once he reached my ear, his lips playfully tugging on the lobe.

“I want you to cum with me” whispered Nick.

“Not yet” I gasped, I knew I wasn’t ready for my release. My hand wandered between our bodies, with my index finger finding the familiar sensitive spot on my clit. My finger lightly circled kaçak bahis over the hard button, with the pressure slowly building along with the speed of the circles. I knew it wouldn’t take long for the edges of my orgasm to take over my senses with this motion.

My legs began to tighten around Nick’s waist, then my toes curled, indicating I was almost ready to let go to the euphoric pleasure building inside of me.

“Now” I commanded as my eyes closed and my head fell back allowing my release to take over. Nick buried himself deep inside my throbbing pussy as we let go together. He held himself there, as the convulsions calmed down from our joint orgasm and as our breathing regulated again with his forehead pressed against mine.

“It’s still your shot” I joked after a few minutes.

Nick slowly pulled out of me, and fastened his jeans and belt as I recovered my self with my thong and lowered myself from the table to smooth down the skirt of my dress. I turned to face the table, not wanting to meet Nick’s gaze. I felt guilty for my actions with Nick and didn’t know what happened next. Being 8 years younger than me, I knew a relationship would be out of the question. I felt his arm arm my waist as he pulled me against him and kissed the back of my neck before moving aside to pick up the pool cue he had discarded earlier. As he moved to line up his next shot, he flashed that cheeky grin at me and I felt my awkwardness melt away, somehow what happened next didn’t seem matter.

The rest of the game went by quickly and evenly, until only the black ball was left. I’d no longer been embarrassed at bending of the table in front of him, and as I leant over the table to line up my shot, I felt Nick behind me, pressing up against me. I tried to turn to look at him and began to stand up a little, but his hand pressed against my shoulder to keep my body close to the table. Nick’s other hand tickled the back of my leg as it made its way up, under my dress and beneath my thong. I was instantly wet at his touch, aching for more of him. His fingers pulled on my thong, leading it down my legs to my ankles. He slowly lifted each foot from the floor and slid the material over my skin and stilettos. My thong disappeared into his back pocket before he straightened up behind.

I heard the rip of a new condom packet just before feeling the head of his cock pressed against me, searching for my wet opening. One of my hand held onto the side of the pool table whilst the other pressed against the cue and the table below me, supporting my upper body over the table as Nick slowly probed inside me, pulled out and entered again, teasing me. On of his hands gripped my hip, controlling our movements, whilst his other hand rested between my shoulder blades, stopping me from lifting my upper body from the table. Nicks hips pulled slowly away from me, before thrusting himself deep inside me with unexpected speed and force. This movement repeated over and over again, causing me to cry out with each thrust. I muffled my sounds against the felt on the table.

It didn’t take long for Nick to finish inside me, he let out a long groan before pulling himself away from me and leaving me, without any underwear, to try and take my shot to win the game. I am not sure how but I managed to pot the black and take the game. As I turned around, Nick pulled my thong out of his pocket.

“I’m keeping these now, let’s call it my consolation prize.” He stuffed the thong back in his pocket as he walked over the basement door. “We should probably rejoin the party.” Nick unlocked and opened the door before I had a chance to protest at the lack of underwear below my short dress.

“Hey guys, who won?” Paul called out as we reached the top of the steps and entered the kitchen.

“We both did” Nick smirked at me as he answered. “We played twice,” he lied.

“You can’t leave it as a draw!” exclaimed Paul.

“We thought we’d leave the decider for next time” the grin on Nick’s face told me he was hinting at more than just another pool game. I left Nick to joke with his mates as I snuck away to the bathroom to clean myself up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32