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Tom sat alone on a cushion in the middle of a restaurant Salome had suggested, surrounded by couples sharing a cushion in front of low tables. Finished with his meal, he sat there comfortably as he listened to the unfamiliar strains of the music… foreign and exotic. Though alien and strange, the sound stirred him unexpectedly. Soon its rhythm altered slightly… becoming more suggestive, more sensual. The beat seemed to match that of his own heart as his mind drifted back to the girl he had met earlier.

As the pace increased, Tom noticed a movement at the back of the restaurant where a curtain covered an entrance into the room. Billowing slightly, the drapes parted as a figure stepped out from behind them. Eyes fixed on the shape and form, the corners of his mouth curled upwards. Beneath a copious layer of veils, a girl moved sinuously towards the center of the room… her body concealed, but not hidden, by the diaphanous gossamer that covered her swaying hips. Nor was the fullness of her breasts obscured by the gentle flow of the material.

Smiling eagerly as the girl moved gracefully around the dance floor, Tom felt a bulge forming beneath his trousers. As the dancer swayed with the music, the veils parted… revealing glimpses of firm flesh. Supple skin, exposed with each shift of her body, encouraged more than a simple glance.

Eyes riveted to the dancer’s form, Tom surveyed her in silent awe as she tugged gently at one veil… letting it descend gently to the floor. In time the tempo of both the music and the dance increased as the girl twirled about. Her long, dark hair flew wildly about her face, though it was still covered behind a veil. Dancing feverishly, other veils began to drop… baring her long legs, her thighs, and her torso.

Only a few veils tied together covered the girl’s waist. A bra of translucent material did nothing to obscure the dark areolae beneath… stiff nipples straining against the fabric. Tom’s hand rested on the swell of his manhood. It ached with the building pressure, almost ready to explode at the touch.

White teeth flashed a smile behind the veil as she spun close to him… suggesting she understood perfectly his reaction to her dance. Undulating hips enticed him. Breasts swaying with the beat invited Tom to reach out and touch them… perhaps even take a firm grasp. Yet all he could do was observe!

While Tom’s need for release built, the pace of the music intensified as well. Swirling in front of him, she paused a moment with her back to Tom and bent over… legs splayed, the veils parting to reveal her mound, visibly moist, mere inches from his face.

Growling with frustration, Tom watched helplessly as she resumed her rhythmic movements… dropping to the floor as she writhed enticingly before him. In her final movement, the girl crawled towards him… like a tigress stalking her prey. Her head almost in his lap, one hand reached up to release the veil. Salome’s wanton smile greeted him!

Momentarily speechless, Tom noted the silence of the room now that the music had stopped. At some point all the couples that had filled the restaurant earlier had filtered out… leaving him alone to enjoy Salome’s dance.

Her eyes noting his glance, Salome smiled once more. Her voice was soft, yet sultry, as she explained, bedava bahis “They’re all gone. This was for you only!”

Cupping her chin in his hand, Tom raised her face until her lips met his. Salome’s parted when they touched, her tongue inquisitively probing his mouth as he pulled her closer. Her hand resting lightly on the swollen material of his trousers, she toyed with him briefly… a knowing smiles appearing on his lips. He ached with pain as he fought the urge to explode.

One hand slid beneath the sheer fabric of her bra. Tom grinned as he felt the weight of her firm breast… then pinched her taut nipple before rolling it between his fingers.

Without thinking Tom let the other hand slide down the supple flesh of her torso until he felt the moistness between her thighs. Labia, swollen and open, welcomed his touch as he thrust a finger, then another, inside her. A gasp of pleasure escaped Salome’s lips… followed rapidly by moans of yearning as he thrust repeatedly.

Suddenly Salome’s hand covered his, pulling his fingers from within her and bringing them to his lips where he could lick the juices from them. It took a moment for her to control her breathing… which had become deep and rapid. Shaking her head slightly, the girl whispered, “No, not here… not now. Leave your room unlocked and I will come to you later.”

As Tom lay quietly on his bed, he replayed the events of the evening in his mind… picturing Salome vividly as he did. Where was she? Had she merely taunted him with the pleasures her body promised? His hand drifted to his groin every few minutes… but he refused the release. Salome would come; she had promised. He knew that the girl would not tease him… then leave him to suffer all night.

Hearing the sound of his door opening, Tom turned his head to watch as Salome entered and strode towards the bed. A loose blue dress covered her but did not disguise the swell of her breasts and hips. Once she perched on the edge of his mattress, the girl leaned over and kissed him gently.

As she straightened, Tom smiled and took her hand in his… their fingers entwining instinctively. His voice was hoarse and raspy with desire. “Salome, do you want this as badly as I do?”

Not answering question immediately, Salome instead rose from where she sat at the edge of the bed and swung a leg over Tom… leaving her astride him as she smiled enticingly. The skirt of her dress rose as she moved, revealing long legs and thighs that tempted him even more. Without thought his eyes rested on the bare skin, reminding him of all that he had seen in the restaurant earlier… knowing that his self-control had almost failed him then when there was nothing more to provoke him than the sight.

Now Salome’s fingers glided over his chest… teasing him with her light touch that promised pleasure he had not experienced in many months. Her thighs pressed against his with only the thin material of his boxers between them. Only a short while earlier Tom had dreamed of taking her to his bed. With a beautiful woman like Salome hovering over him, how could he resist?

Images of that fantasy swirled in his head as the girl slowly pulled her dress upwards… exposing the remainder of her thighs, then her stomach and firm breasts before she tossed bedava bonus it aside. Her voice was but a whisper… but one that held his attention as she spoke. “There is nowhere else I wish to go to. And I don’t believe you wish me to go…”

Tom’s body responded for him when words failed him. He could endure only so much temptation. Gazing longingly at Salome’s bare flesh, his hands rose to her thighs… caressing them leisurely as she leaned over to kiss his lips, her tongue probing as she did. One hand lifted from the warmth of Salome’s thigh, he cradled her neck and pulled her closer… into a more passionate kiss, his lips demanding more of her and finding that hers answered readily. Here was a woman with experience pleasing a man; he could not deny that as their mouths met. After a moment, Tom began to draw away but the girl’s arms went around his neck, her fingers entwining themselves in his hair. Yielding to her demands, Tom kissed her again… first her lips, then her cheeks before moving to the soft flesh of her throat.

Meeting the need that consumed him, Tom’s hands roamed the girl’s body, slowly exploring the contours… tentatively at first but then, as he felt her response to his touch, it became bolder. His fingers deftly traced the curve of her breasts… lingering briefly to trace the dark outline of the areola before sliding down across her stomach to her waist.

Nor were Salome’s hands idle… one dropping to the drawstring of his boxers, tugging at it until it gave. Slipping one hand inside, her touch roused him… as if he needed any more encouragement. Tom groaned softly as the girl began to gently fondle him.

As their mouths parted, Tom and Salome rolled onto their sides. Not yet satisfied, he nibbled at her lips… feeling the warmth of her hands as they outlined the physique of his chest. After leaving a trail of kisses down the girl’s throat, he tasted the exposed flesh between neck and shoulder. Sighing softly with pleasure, the girl’s eyes sparkled with animation; the tip of her tongue moistened the curve of her lips as they curled upwards. Small nips at her flesh made Salome shiver in anticipation.

Pausing a moment, he wondered if he should continue. They had not known each other long… only a few days. Not that it mattered; Tom could not halt now… even if he wished to, which… most assuredly… he did not.

Tom reached out with one hand, loosening Salome’s braid. Dark hair spilled over her shoulders and chest as she raised her head and shook it playfully. Taking one strand between his fingers, he gently brushed it lightly over one nipple… smiling mischievously as he did. She laughed softly at its touch before she kissed him again.

Stimulated by the sight of the girl’s shapely breasts and slender waist, Tom resumed his careful attentions. Her dark areola against her silken skin beckoned his nimble fingers, eager lips, and playful tongue. She was beautiful… and the skills she exhibited as her hands matched the eagerness of his own only added to the excitement he felt. His fingers stroked the skin of her shoulders and waist as he flicked one of her areola with his tongue… rolling the other between his fingers as he did.

With one hand cupping the girl’s breast, Tom resumed… his other moving slowly deneme bonusu down the length of her torso, lingering whenever he heard the girl gasp with pleasure. Tom moved gradually lower until he spread Salome’s legs. His fingers continued their exploration as her breathing became rapid… short, shallow breaths. Slowly… leisurely… his lips followed the same path. Gently licking at her navel, his tongue searched for further opportunities to provide her with delight. Tom heard small moans and gasps for air as he persisted with his efforts… carefully exploring the folds of her labia with his touch, his thumb circling her clit as he did. One finger, followed swiftly by a second, probed the girl… as his lips replaced his thumb on her clit, sucking it deeply into his mouth. How could he feel so intimate with Salome in so short a time? That thought caused Tom to falter momentarily. He needed the relief Salome was giving him… but he was determined to present her with equal delight in return.

Glancing up to meet the girl’s gaze, Tom noted the same anticipation in her eyes. Now was the time. A hand on each of Salome’s shapely hips, he guided her so that she sat astride him once again. With understanding that came from experience, she lowered herself onto him… smiling wantonly. A gasp escaped the girl, followed by murmured approval. Once situated, they shared a long, searing kiss. Her dark hair draping his face and chest, he raised his hands to fondle her breasts then ran them along her waist and firm thighs. With a moan of delight, the girl raised herself slowly. When she slid downward, Tom let her control the rhythm… leisurely at first but building rapidly until, unable to restrain his desire, his powerful thrusts met her. As their tempo increased, their cries mingled and grew louder.

Salome shouted with her release… leaning forward to kiss Tom as they sank deeper into the comfort of the soft mattress. Pleased with his restraint, he tangled his fingers in her dark mane. Finished with the kiss, the girl slowly rocked her hips against his groin… assuring him that she had not forgotten his pleasure. No woman as accomplished as Salome ever would. Pulling her forward into his arms, there was urgency in the Tom’s embrace as he rolled over on top of her.

Limbs entwined, the pair rocked forcefully with the exertion, their rhythm increasing rapidly as the girl matched Tom’s efforts. His hands and lips continued to explore Salome’s body… shoulders, breasts, waist, and hips… caressing her smooth skin. Combining long, leisurely strokes with short, powerful thrusts, Tom sought to extend the bliss… savouring the delight as the girl demonstrated her talent. One of his hands glided down her torso until it reached her labia. His thumb repeatedly flicked her clit as he drove himself deeper inside her. With each stroke, the pace of their lovemaking intensified, pushing Tom to the edge. Her legs around his waist… her arms around his shoulders… Salome pulled him to her. Passion and need built until their cries echoed through the chamber… both his and hers.

Collapsing with his release, Tom slid off of Salome and lay on his back, breathing deeply… barely noting the motion as the mattress shifted when the girl reached for her dress. As he reached across her to grasp her hand, he shook his head with a grin on his features. “There’s hardly any need to put that back on tonight. I’d just have to rip it off later!”

Amidst the soft peel of her laughter, the pair snuggled closer… until he could feel the beat of her heart next to his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32