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“Yes I could baby,” I smiled back excited at the idea and the pleasure we might get from it, my lady especially. I do like to pleasure her sexually, knowing I will receive as good back.

“Next time two toy boys while you watch, baby,?” she asked the next day as a reminder.

“Which do you prefer from your list, number eight, nine or fourteen?”

When I checked my list, number nine was my preference. It read, “You fuck and suck two very well hung younger men while I watch and masturbate.”

“Can I have that one baby?,” she asked ever so sweetly. “Look at these pics one of my girlfriends sent me. Two, twenty-three year old boys, almost twenty-years younger than us. Could you handle that?”

The first two pics showed two smartly dressed boys. The next two showed their toned, naked bodies. The next pic showed them both teasing their erections with a finger tip.

“Not as big as you baby, must be seven-inches though. And nice tight asses. Could you handle that?,” she teased again knowing she had piqued my interest

“Yes, but no fucking,” I replied, already excited at the thought of watching and masturbating my thick, nine-inch erection for my lady and two much younger boys.

At three the next Saturday Max and James arrive right on time. They are both pretty boys and slightly effeminate, something Sarah likes in her extra men.

Sarah has asked me to explain our rules and make them comfortable before she makes her entrance.

“Sarah expects to be sexually pleasured by both of you and respond in kind. No fucking, outer sex / oral sex only. She loves being teased and licked, she has a glorious ass. She expects you to worship it while I watch. And I am going to masturbate my thick, nine-inch erection while I watch. So make it memorable for both of us. Her turn on is my turn on.”

“Are you really nine-inches and thick?,” they both ask with a smirk on their faces. I am pleased at their question and their interest.

“Yes he really is and he wants the three of us to watch him masturbate while you pleasure me,” Sarah smiles, full of confidence as she appears.

She looks sensational, wearing killer heels (as always for sex) and a very short black dress to highlight her legs with a high neck.

“I am yours to pleasure and be pleasured, Max and James.”

“Wow,” is all they can mutter as she turns to show us the dress is backless and cut very low to show the top third of her ass cheeks.

Max and James are very excited as Sarah motions for me to undo the halter neckband and slide the dress down to her ankles.

“Not bad for a woman around twenty-years older than you two boys,” she smirks as they ogle her modest tits with already erect nipples and closely shaved cunt lips.

“Get naked for me and my man.”

They both have full on erections as I follow and strip down to my skimpy jock strap.

“Kiss and lick my ass for me, one each side. Worship it,” she tells them as I watch them licking and kissing my lady’s gorgeous ass. I have a full-on erection as Sarah and I tongue kiss without any other parts of our bodies touching. An exquisite bonus turn on and tease for both of us with two toy boys worshiping her ass.

“Now my nipples, one each. Look how hard you have made them.”

Without kocaeli escort any prompting one of them kneels in front her as the other one keeps licking and kissing her ass. She has one foot on his shoulder as she guides his tongue into her cunt lips

“My man wants to masturbate his thick, nine-inch erection while he watches you pleasuring my naked body. So make it memorable for both of us. His turn on is my turn on,” Sarah tells them as I settle into a chair close by intent on watching and enjoying.

I am very turned on watching my lady receiving and soaking up sexual pleasure from two much younger men. In the past I have never masturbated with two toy boys and my lady glancing at my thick, nine-inch erection. A new, very pleasurable, experience for me. And I do like flaunting my thick, erect cock for two toy boys who can’t compare with me.

I have a raging, full on erection as I drop my jock strap below my cock and balls so it is just a thin, black ribbon. It looks good and feels even better.

“Wow, your man is huge Sarah, magnificent, fucking magnificent,” one boy moans as I tease him by stroking my erection with two fingers as he watches intently.

My cock is rock hard as I edge my erection with the tip of my thumb and middle finger. I am enjoying teasing the boys as they both steal glances at my erection while they pleasure my ladies naked and aroused body.

Sarah moves to a chair side-on to a table. She is looking directly at me as she lays back at forty-five degrees, legs wide apart, her thighs look magnificent and inviting, as she puts one leg on the table.

Immediately one of the boys licks his way up one of her thighs to her engorged clit. He is running a fingertip along her wet cunt lips.

Sarah has a look of absolute pleasure on on her face as the boy slides his middle finger into her wet cunt lips.

She is glancing at my nine-inch erection and comparing it with the two boys seven-inch ones.

Her body is moving in sync with the strokes of his finger in her.

The other boy is sucking on her erect, rock hard nipples as he ogles my throbbing erection.

I hold his gaze as I stroke my rock hard erection with a fingertip and lick my lips. I am enjoying teasing him as he ogles my rock hard cock while I watch his mate pleasuring my lady.

My pleasure increases as Sarah’s boy commences licking her. I love watching her soaking up the pleasure of his tongue licking her cunt lips.

“I heard my man telling you I love being licked. Now you know it’s true,” she moans.

“Yes?,” the other boy asks me in a soft, imploring and agitated voice with a hand on my throbbing erection.

“Yes, soon,” I respond slowly, as I stand with my back to the wall and stroke my erection for him.

“I have never had a blow job from a twenty-three year old toy boy.

“I want to tease both of us some more before you have me, while I watch your mate fucking my lady with his tongue.

“Have you ever had my size previously?,” I tease as I run a fingertip along the underside of my shaft.

“No. I want it now.

“Your cock is huge, magnificent, fucking magnificent,” he tells me as he licks and sucks my nipples, before he kneels in front of me. Sarah is watching darıca escort intently as he licks and kisses the full length of my erection. Then my balls.

“Enjoy baby, your turn on is my turn on, so good, so fucking good,” she whispers very aroused, with two hands on the other boy’s head as she urges his tongue and lips along her cunt lips.

I am so turned on after watching the two boys pleasuring my lady. A whole new experience for me. I want to hold my orgasm back and cum with Sarah. I am fighting to hold it back.

My boy is doing wonderful things to my full, nine-inch erection. His lips and tongue are magic as he is edging me.

Then Sarah groans and has a long intense orgasm on the other boy’s tongue. Then another and another.

She is watching me very intently. So is the other boy as he licks her. My face is contorting as my orgasm builds. I am very turned on watching my lady soaking up sexual pleasure from a toy boy. One of her favorite fantasies. And mine.

They change positions so the boy who was licking her is standing alongside me with his back to the wall.

“Do you want to watch me blow him while your boy sucks your erection?,” Sarah teases as she tongue kisses me. “Tell me baby?”

“Yes I do, I am hanging out for it. Look how hard my cock is,” I moan as I tease and edge my cock with a fingertip.

One boy is licking and sucking on Sarah’s nipples while the other boy is doing he same to me.

Then my boy exquisitely teases my erection by deftly and softly sliding his closed hand along it.

Simultaneously Sarah’s boy and my boy slide their arms between our legs and grasp our ass cheeks.

I am so close and ready to blow as I watch my lady take her boy’s cock between her lips.

He groans and blows almost immediately.

I want both boys and my lady to watch me blow,

“I am watching. Do it for me baby, do it now, right now while the boys watch,” Sarah smiles as I edge my erection with my fingertips.

Three people are watching as I stroke with a clenched hand.

One, two, three, four strokes.

“So good, so fucking good,” I groan as have a tremendous release.

“Awesome, just awesome,” the boys smile.

“Can you get it up again for the boys?,” Sarah asks me as four of us wind down together in our sit-down shower room. “If you can, we could fuck while the boys watch. Would you like that boys?

“Can we watch you give your man a blow job?,” they both ask. “His cock is magnificent. So are you.”

“Would you like that baby?,” Sarah asks. “I have never blown you with two boys watching.

“Yes, you know I would. I want them both to lick you while you blow me,” I reply with a big smile as my cock responds.

“Maybe I could do something to help the three of you get it up again? Any suggestions?

“Would you like to watch me give him a golden shower?

“Before I do suck his nipples, one of you on each nipple. Now change sides. He likes that, look at his cock growing.

“Have you boys ever watched am older woman giving her man a golden shower?,” Sarah smirks as she organizes me on my back as she straddles me.

“Hold his hands, one for each of you. Now count to three for me.”

Sarah has done this gölcük escort for me many times. This time is very different with two young boys watching. She is very tense and in her element as she slowly releases. The boys are breathing very heavily as they watch Sarah increase her flow. She is in her element and in command as she turns on three males.

Sarah’s blow jobs are always something special. She has blown me with a female watching, a male watching and both a male and female watching. I love an audience as much as Sarah does. Sex has an an extra dimension with an audience who are turned on watching us. This is the first time with two toy boys watching.

They both have erections as they watch Sarah flaunting her gorgeous ass as she struts around wearing just heels and ogle my full-on erection. It is very exciting for me as the boys watch Sarah slide my cock ring along my erection and clip it under my balls.

“Sitting or standing baby?,” she asks as she tongue kisses me.


“Tell the boys what you you want me to do with your thick, nine-inch erection while they watch,” Sarah teases as she sucks my nipples in turn as she strokes my balls with her fingertips.

“Turn the boys on, show them how good you are while you lick and suck my nine-inch cock to a huge orgasm while they masturbate. And I want you to swallow.”

“Happy to oblige, your turn on is my turn on and this is a special one,” Sarah tells me as I place my hands on my head and she wraps her lips around my cock.

She is resting on her knees and feet with her hands on her feet. The only contact we have is her lips and tongue on the tip of my erection. Then I commence sliding my erection into her lips in a fucking motion.

My back is resting against the wall as I thrust my hips forward to maximize the sexual pleasure.

Sarah is is teasing and edging me by running the tip of a finger along my erection as I feed my erection between her pursed lips in a fucking motion..

“That is awesome, fucking awesome,” one of the boys mutters as he strokes his erection.

Without any prompting the other boy is licking and sucking my erect nipples. Exquisite sexual pleasure while my lady is sucking my erection.

Sarah is holding the base of my cock with one hand. Then she cups my cock head with her other hand. She is edging me as she places her thumb and index finger under my mushroom tip. Then she commences twisting her fingers back and forth as she tongue kisses me.

The other boy lays on his back and organizes himself so Sarah is sitting on his face.

She is lapping up the pleasure from his tongue licking her cunt lips as he has her ass cheeks in his hands.

A bonus turn on for me watching the boy licking her as she resumes sucking me.

“You told us you wanted both of us to lick Sarah while she gave you a blow job. Is this what you had in mind?,” the other boy teases as he licks and kisses her ass cheeks.

“Do you like us watching Sarah giving you a blow job?

“Are you going to cum in her mouth?

“Your cock is awesome. Do you like watching me masturbate while she is sucking it?

“Do want to watch me blow while Sarah is blowing you?

“Does Sarah like us watching her blowing you?

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” I moan as I hit the back of Sarah’s throat and the boy blows.

“Next time Sarah, two women for you,” I promised her. “And I want to watch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32