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‘Oh! That’s great Sam. It should be very exciting.’ Joan said while I started walking towards the Jacuzzi Room with the girls in tow. On entering, the girls were all eyes as they saw the fully tiled bathroom with toilet, huge Jacuzzi below floor level, sink shower and steam cabinet and more.

‘First, before entering the pool, please have a pee and wipe your pussies.’ I ordered. Sandra was first to sit on the john to empty her bladder from the golden liquid, which gave an interesting sexy sound, shooting out at such pressure. As she finished she took some soft paper folded it immaculately to make it smaller and thicker for better collection and in a squatting position wiped her pussy from behind toward her clit. From the position where I was watching, she looked terrific, pushing her ass backwards, with her hand moving between her legs wiping her pussy with the soft paper, ploughing forward between the folds of her pouty lips as it was pulled by her hand. She was more than desirable, visualizing of walking behind her and stick the hard boner I was carrying inside her hot vaginal folds. Joan took her place while I totally enjoyed the same performance as with Sandra’s.

After flushing the john we moved down the stairs to sit in the mild temperature of the water, not too hot as was summer, about 30oC minus. We sat on the different underwater seats which gave us a neck high water level. Then I started the pumps which turned the water mixed with air. Sure it felt great. The two ladies were very impressed moving in the huge tub with the moving water; sometimes they stopped in front of the pressurized jets which shot the water from different directions. My hard dick was evident with their naked bodies presence close by.

The jets flushed out with lots of air until everything was settled and had the nice oxygenized water shooting out of the many underwater nozzles, professionally installed. The lasses seemed very happy with the treatment they were getting, full of smiles looking at the many nice fittings and gadgets installed into this very expensive room.

‘Sam this is heavenly,’ Sandra said still turning her head here and there examining the parts. ‘It must have cost a fortune!’

‘Too much! But I’m very proud with it especially in winter, when company is around. The hot water, the cosy room temperature and the beauty of the company makes it more than worth the fortune I spent.’

‘So we are not the first ones.’ Joan teased.

‘Sure not. When I meet the right company I love to share it with them, especially you have to realize that as I live alone, well not exactly alone but only with my colleague I don’t like to call her domestic as she is part of the family but enjoying the beauty of the female’s splendour is in my blood. A good reason, why until now, I had never married. Also, I was never settled.’

‘Bur she lives with you, Sam.’ Sandra commented.

‘Yes she lives with me and she’s the one that replaced Padme. Her name is Athina and at the moment she’s enjoying a holiday. She had never been away from here so I sent her with a friend of mine to Athens. I may tell you more about her later, another tragic story, but we are sort of family, now. We are involved but we enjoy other women too.’

‘So it’s a sort of live in?’ Joan interrupted.

‘In a way yes and she looks after me very well, probably better than Padme. She should be back either before you leave or the day after.’

‘Lucky man you are, Sam.’ Joan smiled.

Well, the fruits of life are there to be enjoyed so it would be a disaster not to enjoy them. The most beautiful thing in the whole world I love most is looking at, and enjoying the beauty of the female genitalia, not to forget the beauty of the rest of the body. The art of beauty, the way it is naturally developed and how beautiful it looks with those beautiful pink lips saturated with the natural flowing creams of joy and pleasure. I had a few who just came and enjoyed the exquisite company and the pleasures I had learned to pass over to these ladies and all of them have their interesting story.’

‘That will be interesting to hear,’ Sandra said. ‘But how did you settle here on the slope of this mountain enjoying a very early retirement.’

Joan smiled while she caught me smiling at her. ‘You too, are too handsome to live alone.’

‘I told you, I don’t. Padme and myself made love nearly every night for over three years and Athina been with me for the last one and a half years. Padme spent six months training her, so she’s as good in bed, if not better. She’s an Aegean volcano.’

‘Woww,’ Sandra cried.

‘Joan, to night is your night and hope that you will enjoy the evening in my room as much as Sandra enjoyed it last night.’ I said. ‘Now Sandra come and sit on my lap while I tell you the story of the first months of this villa.’ She came over and sat on my lap. I put my hand between her legs and at the feeling she separated them slowly and then opened them as wide as she possibly do. bahis firmaları I found her clit and very slowly started working on it. She was very excited but I was only massaging it very lightly as I did not want to start any early eruptions. She was pressing her ass against my hard cock which was standing to attention behind her ass, exactly in the crack pointing upwards.

‘So this is how the story started.’ I said before I started narrating.

‘So you really spent a lot of good periods with Padme?’ Joan asked.

Sandra was still sitting on me with my cock now settled along her slit of her hot pussy, but not inside. Very close yes and sure that if she makes a little move it can easily start crawling slowly up her tight little hot volcano.

It seemed that she was not sitting properly so she lifted her body up a few centimetres and my dick flowed away, but not for long as she took it in one of her hands and slowly guided it inside the opening of her vagina, slowly lowering herself until she was sitting, I hope comfortably on my laps, with the maximum length embedded inside her.

‘I can tell you that there are more adventures to tell about Padme, although the next most prominent was when about three months later she wanted to try anal sex’. I answered while I started fingering Sandra’s clit under the water, synchronizing my finger movement with her muscle movement inside her vaginal tube.

‘Ohhh! Sammm. I’m cumminnng’ Sandra moaned. I moved my finger away from her clit and put both hands under her ass to help her get some leverage to move up and down a few times over my dick. She took the tip and started doing it alone until she stopped still with my cock buried deeply inside her, moaning with the relish of a fervent passionate orgasm.

I let her enjoy it. I put my hands under her arms and took both nipples between my fingers to keep her blood flowing, sending more sexual energy rippling through her veins. The inside muscles of her pussy were also contracting and relaxing with the mini pleasures she was cherishing until she slowly started to relax. Once she relaxed she slowly lifted herself up and sat again on my lap. Joan was watching the scene and waited until Sandra had relaxed before asking me if I had made love to Padme at the back door.

‘I think today we have talked quite a lot about how Padme came into my life. To morrow or the day after if we have time I may tell you something about how we made love in different positions and also how I invaded her back door at her own insistence.’.

‘So you fucked her in the ass, then?’ Sandra asked.

‘Any one of you ever thought of getting a hard cock up your lovely tight ass?’ I asked.

They looked at each other… but none of them said anything. I looked at them, only to watch their reactions while I continued, ‘Be fair, have you ever dreamed of getting a cock up your back doors.’

‘Well,’ Sandra said, ‘I always thought it was a very pervert thing to do, whenever I heard or read about the subject.’

‘What about you Joan?’

‘I heard from a friend that it’s a Greek’s way of doing it. I always thought it hurts a lot, every time somebody penetrates it, but on the other hand I have always fantasized about it, although I never thought I’ll ever do it.’

‘Did it have any effect on yourself when you were fantasizing, you know, get excited, wet, masturbate…’.

‘I always got sexually excited, and yes my pussy became very wet especially whenever I thought about somebody being fucked in the ass; but rarely masturbated.’ Joan answered with Sandra looking at her in astonishment.

‘What does really give you the kick that makes you so wet?’

‘Don’t really know, but it seems the feeling of the tightness of the hole itself and the little bit of pain that every recipient feel… I don’t know…, sometimes I think a lot about it and then I try to get the idea very quickly off, as otherwise I would sure start to touch myself.’ Joan answered.

‘But have you really… ever wanted to ask somebody… to fuck you in your ass?’ Sandra asked Joan confused.

‘Never longed for it although sometime … if I’ll be with the right guy at the right moment…, may do it if the guy teases me about it; but sure not ask.’

‘I’m more confused, and I don’t know if I’ll ever allow anybody to do me there although Sam had already used his finger…, I don’t know, tell you the truth I still feel the little discomfort inside me, there.’

‘That’s when I became so hot and went crazy. That could have been the right moment to let the guy stick it straight in.’

‘So until now you only fantasized?’ I asked

‘Yes, only fantasized and if I get wet I’ll have to play with myself… But now I think, if I may have to ask Sam to fuck me, I think I will hand over myself to him and let him do me where ever he likes, especially since I felt his finger inside my ass. His finger entering me gave me new sensations and desires never felt before.’

‘I would be delighted kaçak iddaa to be the chosen one, to pass on such delights, Joan. Although as someone already said, these are Greek traditions, I will be more than delighted to offer such Greek delicious pleasures, if you may ask. Yes if you may ask I will be more than overjoyed to insert my hard cock; he’s now more than ready; in the channel of the greatest delights.’

‘I’m only scarred about one thing, the pain.’

‘I don’t think it’s an issue; yes there will be some, but with good lubrication and preparation you should be able to enjoy more the pleasures than the pain.’

‘Well then, I would love to ask?’

‘I am sure it will be more than a pleasure for both of us, and a great sexual sensation to explore. Therefore it will also leave no other sexual possibilities although to enjoy all the pleasures of sexuality couples could involve themselves to explore all these ideas further, like positions. But this could be the ultimate of the pleasures of the body, and I used to be delighted when Padme used to massage me and finger my ass at the same time. It is also a secret of making any man to come if he declines to do so.’

‘Really!’ Sandra exclaimed.

‘You are a nurse, Sandy, you should now.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘You never stuck a finger inside a guy ass during your rounds.’

‘Tell you the truth, there were a few encounters, but never thought about it. I remember one time when I went to push a suppository into a teenage guy’s ass who I think he was masturbating. He really had a hardon, I remember as soon as I lifted the covers so that he can turn his bum away from me… I remember as soon as I stuck my latex covered finger in his ass, just to lubricate it a bit, he moaned and then when I moved away I found my uniform wet with ejaculation. I was very embarrassed when I went back to the office, and was happy that I had an extra one which I always kept just for any emergency.’

‘So, what did you do to the teenager?’ Joan asked teasingly.

‘Fortunately he was in a room by himself, easy when fathers had a lot of money and in a private hospital, so I said hi and slowly lifted the covers to check. He was embarrassed, his face turned red and excused himself, and when I asked if he needs me to clean him, and he didn’t decline. By the time I returned with some hot water, sponge and towel he was as hard as steel. I became hot and wild. I wanted to eat him, suck him and put him inside me, but the risks were high. So I cleaned him, including his hard dick and asked if he needs further massage. He just nodded and shyly said that he will be delighted. So he was my first guy whom I masturbated. It became our secret and did so every night I was on duty which, together were only a few.’

What about you Joan?’

‘Working as nurse, these eventualities are always encountered, but in big halls the risks are too great, but there were few occasions. Has he gave you any tips for the trouble?’ Joan asked smilingly while looking at Sandra.

‘Yes, this teenager left and one way or another followed me home one day. He stopped a few doors away from where I was living and then drove away. This was about four months later. The next day he came to the door about an hour after I arrived home, rang, exactly as I got out of the bath and had already got into the bathrobe. I walked to the door and as I opened, he politely asked if he could come in, as he liked to talk to me. I didn’t mind and he followed me to the sitting room, where I offered him a drink. We talked about the days he was in hospital and how much he enjoyed the pleasures of my visits for which he thanked very much.

‘Since he left hospital I had masturbated a few times fantasizing about him, riding him and fucking him, but it was a great risk, so sometimes I went back to the office, or to an empty room and do it myself. As he was in my sitting room I became wet and incredibly hot, I just wanted to ask, or go straight to bed with him. We looked at each other many times, then he embarrassingly asked me if he could see my pussy as I had seen his cock many times so I took the occasion and carted him behind me towards the bedroom where I asked him to strip me naked while I did the same to him.’

‘Wow, this never happened to me! And then what happened?’Joan jumped in.

‘Then things happened easily and done a few nice things, like I let him examine my pussy, sucking me and then went to sixty nine were we came together, filling each other’s mouth with hot juicy sex cream. After a rest and a few jokes about hospital life, I helped him to enjoy his first fuck, during which he didn’t last long. I wanted to satisfy my fantasy, so in a short time I had him hard again and I loved every moment of it. He became very relaxed after that and so we loved every moment. We enjoyed a shower together and before he left, he gave me an envelope. He politely thanked me over and over and I hadn’t seen him any more until I called him about a month kaçak bahis later.’

‘What was in the envelope, not condoms?’ Joan asked jokingly.

‘Like to know?’

‘Sure yes.’

‘Three hundred pounds in fifty pound notes with a nice letter of thanks and there was his phone number.’

‘Did he come when you called?’ I asked.

‘Yes he came, but he was not expecting me neither to call him not to let him see my genitals, and although he masturbated many times with me in his mind, he never expected to use me, but yes we fucked and fucked that evening and I must say it was some of the best love making I ever enjoyed. This lasted until I left the area during which period we met at least once a week.’

‘You never said so?’ Joan asked.

‘I told you I had an affair with a teenager but I never gave you the intimate details.’

‘Yes, I remember now that there was some talk about this. So you had the hots for this guy.’

‘When I was living in the area, yes, I had more than the hots; he was a great fuck and I loved every moment, but I knew that there was no future together.’

‘What about your little black hole, Sandra.’

‘You make me think Sam, but although I am feeling a bit tingie between my legs I have my reservations.’

‘Take your time, nothing is prescribed. You ask? I deliver.’

‘Thanks Sam, I love that.’

‘When can we try it?’ Joan asked.

‘First I think we will get out of the water and have a good hot shower. Then we prepare for the evening meal and after dinner we have a good relaxed drink before we retire to bed. To morrow I think we may go again with the boat if not we will go the day after. That should be ideal as we can start from the morning. I will tell you how it happened maybe to morrow. Now let’s get out.’

All of us got out of the Jacuzzi and straight into the shower. We showered each other, dried each other and after putting some loose clothes went off to the kitchen were we all worked to have a nice meal, some good wine and after a very good rest ended the evening with a good liqueur in our hands. Time passed and it was Joan’s night tonight.

Therefore I took Sandra to her room, helped her with her undressing and laid her in the middle of the bed. I gave her a long kiss and my finger slowly started to explore the area around her rosebud. As soon as she felt my finger there she pulled her ass back tightening her cheeks and closing the area. She started to reject me until I turned around put my knees on the each side of her head with my hard cock dangling over her nice red lips. I pulled my hand away from her restricted zone and slowly opened her legs as wide as it could be possible. I leisurely opened her wet swollen pussy lips, looking deep inside her cave of desires. Calmly I moved my head down and as soon as she took my cock inside her mouth I started suckling on her clit while exploring the entrance of her cave with my pointing finger.

Instantly she started squirming and moaning with pleasure and at that moment I pulled my finger out of her pussy, covered with loads of her natural lubricants, and slowly moved it towards her rosebud. I started moving it round slowly over her wrinkled circle towards the centre until I started putting some pressure. I kept my tongue working over her clit and the more she wriggled the more I pressed my finger inside her ass until the first knuckle just popped in.

In the situation she was in, she was so very hot that there were no complaints. She kept moaning and wriggling, while my hard cock was deep inside her mouth, as my mouth was enjoying the aromatic juices, flowing out of her wet wild pussy. Her ass muscles started contracting and very slowly my finger found itself totally embedded inside her dark alley. We continued in this 69 position with my hard cock still inside her mouth benefiting from the cuddling and the licking. I was also very hot but I made sure that the night was still young and it was still early to loose the first evening load.

My mouth was still suckling her juices, moving up and down along her golden slit sometimes stop at the top, where I concentrated my tongue around her clit, while my finger was still deep into her tight ass hole, being sweetly massaged by her anal muscles. Her body increased the shaking and the wriggling, took out my cock from her mouth and started to shout. ‘Stoopp Pleesse I can’t take more. Please Stopp.’ I gave her a few more licks on her clit and then stopped, kept my finger embedded in her ass while she started to settle down and relax. As soon as she relaxed I slowly turned my finger around in her ass and slowly and leisurely I pulled it out of her gritty hole.

‘You really have a very cute ass Sand. When shall I have the honour to penetrate?’

‘No idea Sam…, I will not allow it. It’s too personal.’

‘I bet!’


‘Good night, sweetie,’ I said while my eyes were focused on hers. Before I left I gave her that special last goodnight kiss on her lips and made her taste her own juices.

With that last feast on each other I left her in a very good mood, just to enjoy the wet dreams during the rest of the night and maybe a good dream about her first anal fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32