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You may recall my previous adventures with Gabby the French hitchhiker that I picked up just out of Las Vegas and how we sucked and fucked as we traveled to San Francisco via Los Angeles. You will also recall that I had agreed to give Gabby’s sister Louise a lift to Los Angeles.

Gabby’s sister Louise was a doctor who had just been appointed to a hospital in San Diego she was no beauty she was about 5 foot 8 inches tall, and about the only thing her had going for her was a great set of tits. These were probably enhanced by the fact that Louise was eight months pregnant. She told me that the father of her baby was a prominent married doctor and the move to San Diego was to avoid any scandal when the baby was born. We had only traveled for about an hour when we stopped at a truck stopover to make ourselves a cup of coffee.

We were sitting at the table in the back of the RV drinking coffee when Louise said to me in her broad French accent and in a very clinical manner “My sister tells me that you are a pretty good fuck”. I was so taken aback that it took me about 30 seconds to reply “Well I have not had any complaints in the past”

Gabby also told me that you performed cunnilingus on her and this was the first time that it had happened to her. “Yeah” I replied “She had one almighty orgasm when I started to suck her cunt”

Louise asked me to tell her all that happened and I described in detail how I had fucked her sister. While I was narrating how I had fucked Gabby doggie style I noticed that Louise was starting to squirm on the seat.

When I had finished telling the story I moved closer to Louise and put my arms around her and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth opened to receive my tongue and with her moaning and breathing I could tell that she was becoming sexually excited.

I started to undo the buttons on her blouse and then placed my hand on her bra-encased 38c tits. Gently I pushed her bra up until her tits were free bahis firmaları of entrapment. I lowered my head to an erect nipple and started to run my tongue around the the nipple. At the same time as I was doing this I was slowly removing her blouse and then unclipping her bra which was by this time up under her chin.

I stood up offering my hand to Louise which she took and I gently pulled her up and led her to the double bed at the back of the RV. She stood beside the bed and removed her shoes and her jeans. Dressed only in a skimpy thong she lay down on the bed reached out and massaged my hard on through my clothing and said “Why don’t you get undressed and join me”

I quickly undressed and lay down beside her after making sure that all the curtains were pulled to avoid any prying eyes.We started kissing our tongues intertwining and becoming more passionate by the second. I was also massaging her more than ample tits that seemed to make her hornier by the minute. At the same time she was playing with my cock which stood proud and ready for action.

I ran my hand down her body until I reached the thong that I promptly removed. She lay over on her back and opened her legs which would give me greater access to her cunt. I ran my hand up and down her split from her ass hole to her clitoris. She was soaking wet and my hand moved some of these juices to her clit lubricating it for the rubbing it was getting.

In a whisper Louise said “Suck my cunt like you did to my sister” I moved my mouth down to her cunt and took her erect clitoris in my teeth gently biting and licking it at the same time. “Troy” she said “that feel soooo gooood” suddenly Louise started to buck and jump around on the bed pushing my head away and covering her cunt with her hands began to moan in a guttural voice as she reached a crashing crushing orgasm “Oh my God, Oh my God Fuuuuuuuuuck fuuuuuuuuuuuck this is sooooooo gooooood.” As I went to take her hands away kaçak iddaa from her cunt and replace them with mine she pushed them away moaning “It is too sensitive don’t touch me yet, just wait a couple of minutes”

I sat back on the bed with my cock standing proud and I began to give it a little rub. Louise had by now recovered from her shattering orgasm and she moved across and took my 8 inch cock in her mouth deep throating it. Suddenly I could feel the spunk rise in my balls as I started to cum. Louise then did something that I will never forget. She gently pushed her finger up my ass and began to massage my prostate at the same time as she was deepthroating me. She took my cock from her mouth and said “Let the doctor show you how good it is to have your prostate massaged while you are cumming”. I will never forget the feeling that I experienced and the amount of jism that I shot into Louise’s mouth because of her actions.

We lay back on the bed sated but I had still not yet fucked Louise. Fortunately my recuperative powers ensured that I had another hard on within 30 minutes. As I lay on my back Louise straddled me facing my head with her large swollen pregnant belly resting on mine. She placed my cock against her cunt and sat down taking the full 8 inches inside her.

I said to Louise that I wanted to fuck her doggie style like I did to her sister so we separated and she knelt on her knees with her head on the pillow. Placing my cock at the entrance to her vagina I noticed that a lot of her juices had run down between he legs and had lubricated her ass hole. I drove my cock into her cunt a few times before pulling it out and positioned it against her ass hole. Pushing slowly I began to enter her ass. Louise was moaning saying it was hurting but keep pushing. Suddenly her sphincter relaxed and with the lubrication from her cunt I was able to go in right up to the hilt.

I started pushing and pulling my cock in her ass hole and kaçak bahis at the same time reaching around to stimulate her clitoris. It wasn’t long before she was on the edge of another orgasm but she was holding off until I was ready. Soon I was ready and I said to her that I was going to cum. We humped together she was in the throes of her orgasm when she started moaning “Fuck my ass shoot your load of jism deep into me” These words sent me over the top and I came shooting spurt after spurt of thick ropey cum up her bum.

We lay together for about half and hour when I decided that we had better be on our way unless we would never get to Los Angeles. Louise did not have to get to San Diego to take up duty at the hospital for two months giving her plenty of time to find an apartment, have her baby and find a sitter for when the baby was born and she had to return to work.

When we arrived in Los Angeles I told Louise that I was returning to my home in California City out near the Nevada desert for a couple of months getting my business back on line before taking off again selling my wares up and down the west coast.

Louise pleaded to come and stay with me for a while and seeing a great free fuck whenever I wanted it I agreed.

Three weeks later on a Sunday morning I had mounted Louise and was pounding my hard rigid cock up her most receptive cunt which was most difficult because of her advanced pregnancy. She was groaning and moaning in the advanced stages of her orgasm and I was cumming when suddenly I thought that she had pissed herself as the bed became wet.

I quickly pulled out of her cunt and in doing so shot a load of cum on her swollen belly and then asked if she was alright. She replied “Our fucking has started my labor and my waters have broken you should get me to the hospital”.

I quickly got my RV going and headed for the hospital. Fortunately Louise was only in labor for 4 hours before she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.

Two weeks later I loaded Louise and Lucy onto a Greyhound Bus bound for San Diego my adventures with the French at a finish.

With my exploits with Gabby and Louise I can only say “VIVA LA FRANCE”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32