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I would just like to firstly thank Smidgeon for editing my story and giving many great suggestions for my future stories.


I can’t believe it. I am finally on a plane on my way to go see her. I think before I really start the story I should introduce who she is and how we met.

My name is Scott and the amazing woman that I am on my way to go see is Jen. We had met each other online a year before on a chatting website and we hit it off from the start.

One day I saw on the site that she had started a thread asking if there was anybody who would like to have some online fun. I saw that she had a yahoo messenger on file and I decided to try it and see what would happen. I added her and she added me not too long afterwards. The first time we talked we ended up having cyber sex. We started talking more and more having more and more cyber sex until we finally gave each other our numbers. She started to leave me messages until I started to leave her some. We finally started to actually talk on the phone and cum for each other after helping each other reach climax. We started to notice that we really wanted each other and wanted to at one time meet and finally be able to do all that we said online in real life.

I had recently started working a job which was my first one to earn some spending money of my own. I had been living with my parents at this time. She didn’t know that ever since we started to really want each other I had been collecting money for a round trip ticket to go see her. I let her in on my savings the Monday two weeks before my 19th birthday. I told her I was planning on coming to see her on my birthday. She got so excited and let me know her address so I went and bought the ticket for my birthday and all was set. Both of us agreed to abstain from anything sexual up until that time so we would be plenty ready and this brings me to where I am now. It was easier for me but for her it was torture but she did it for me. The main reason why this meeting was so special for me at least is that I am going to be loosing my virginity to her.

“God this is so exciting,” I thought to myself as I took my seat on the plane.

My cock was already hard and had been hard for the past week in anticipation of our meeting and just as I was adjusting my pants so my erection wasn’t so noticeable the flight attendant walked by and she smiled at me as she went by. She was very attractive but all I could think about was Jen. Thankfully I got the window seat at the back of the plane and nobody could see me because even though I rearranged my pants my hard on was still apparent if anybody looked.

The stewardess kept walking by me quite a few times during the flight that it started to seem excessive like she was trying to get my attention. During the half way point of the flight I could see the stewardesses start to pass out dinners and when she came over to me I was rewarded with an eyeful. She had unbuttoned her blouse to the point where her breasts were one button away from exploding out of her top.

She leaned in towards me and whispered into my ear which sent electricity through my body when her hot breath touched my ear, “I saw your little problem earlier and if you want I can take care of that for you.”

“I am sorry but I am on my way to see someone special to me and I am not sure she would be happy about that but I appreciate the offer,” I said as she raised back up.

“I am sorry I had no clue. I feel so dirty. I will leave you alone, sorry again and best wishes to you,” she said as she started to rebutton her blouse.

“No worries, you didn’t know. I hope you can find someone who can help you out,” I said as I gave her a wink as she smiled at me and walked away.

She started to act normal again after that but was not bitter and was actually very nice. At about 3/4ths of the way into the fight she walked past me with a guy in tow towards the bathroom and winked at me as she went by. I told the guy to have fun when he saw her wink at me and he just smiled and said thanks.

I decided to call Jen and let her know I was getting close to see where she was. I was shocked by what she told me.

“I have been here already for an hour just to make sure there was no way I would miss you,” she said through heavy breathing.

“Wow baby I can’t wait to get there. Is that a little hint of arousal I hear?” I asked as I giggled a little.

“Oh baby I am fucking soaked right now,” she said through heavy breathing.

I just laughed and told her to just make sure she was ready to go when I got there or else we would be fucking right there in the airport. She just laughed and said that maybe she will go slowly then but then said she was joking and for me to just get there quick.

The rest of the flight was torture as I thought of the possibilities that could happen when I got there. My cock of course that was already hard felt like it grew an extra inch just from the anticipation. I normally never release any precum but canlı bahis I sure felt some coming out of my cock right now.

“Um you have a little something on the corner of your mouth,” I said laughing as I pointed where when the stewardess and the guy left the bathroom after I got off the phone.

She felt around with her tongue and found it and licked it up, “MMm thanks.”

She walked back to the front of the plane for the descent. It was a pain getting off of the plane because I was in the very back so it took forever to get out. My heart was beating faster and faster as I walked down the corridor to the gate.

It felt like fucking fireworks were going off and there was a bright light glowing over Jen as I saw her standing there. We both stood there speechless I think from the realization of the situation before I dropped my carryon and we both sprinted towards each other and it felt like fucking magic when we took each other in our arms. We embraced for what seemed like an enternity which was probably only a couple of minutes before we separated and looked deep in each other’s eyes. We both couldn’t take it anymore and our lips came together with urgency kissing roughly shoving our tongues down each other’s throats. After a minute or two of our heavy kissing I pushed her body away from mine softly because I knew if we kept going we would get into trouble because we would start something and not be able to stop.

She is a gorgeous woman who stands at around 5′ 8″ with shoulder dark brown hair, amazing deep blue eyes with a very sexy curvaceous frame with such enticing DD close to E cup breasts. I stand at 5’8″ with short brown hair, blue eyes, weighing around 190 lbs not solid muscle but decently toned with a 6 inch erect cock.

“What’s wrong baby? Did I do something wrong?” she asked looking at me with concern.

“No baby don’t worry everything is fine. I just am not sure if we will be able to stop if we kept going,” I said smiling at her as I saw her worried face turn into a sexy smile.

“Oh I see, good idea baby,” she said as we grabbed each other’s hand.

We walked hand in hand smiling brightly to the baggage claim area. I kept stealing glances at her every now and then. She looked so sexy today wearing a hot blue skirt, white form fitting top with no bra it seemed since I could clearly see her nipples hard as a rock, no panties as she already told me before, and some sexy spiked heels. I saw a lot of heads turn as we walked by. I on the other hand was wearing some Hurley shorts with some underarmour underwear, brown sandals, and a muscle t-shirt from Anchor Blue.

We finally got to the baggage claim area and the conveyor belt wasn’t going so we just stood there waiting for it. I walked around behind her and wrapped my arms around her stomach and just rested my head on her shoulder just as she let her head fall back on mine. I started to kiss her neck softly up and down. She started to moan from the kisses and I started to look around to make sure nobody could hear that when I noticed a guy watching us and smiling.

“Hey baby look over across the conveyor belt I think we have an admirer,” I said as I smiled.

She turned and looked at him and smiled at me as she looked at me then back at him, ” I think he is pointing at something baby.”

“I think he is,” I said as I tried to see what he was pointing at.

I followed his finger till it stopped and looked down her body till I saw what it was. A drop of what must have been her pussy juice was running down her thigh. I smiled and shook my head to let him know I knew.

“Hey I know what he is pointing at. A drop of your juices is running down your thigh. Just stand here baby and I will get it,” I said as I started to go down on my knees.

“Ok baby but make sure you save it so we can share it,” she said smiling as she mouthed thank you and waved to the guy.

I pretended like I was retying my shoes and when I was finished and getting up I ran a finger up her thigh catching the drop on my finger.

“Would you like a little drink?” I asked smiling as I stood in front of her.

She did not say anything just looked past me at the guy and took my finger in her hand and slowly and seductively like she was licking a cock licked up her juices and rolled it around in her mouth before she swallowed.

The guy was just standing there for a minute with his mouth wide open before he snapped back into reality after somebody pushed him. He mouthed thank you just as the conveyor belt started moving his way and he walked up and grabbed what must have been his bag and left.

“Oh my god that was so fucking hot. I got so fucking turned on,” I whispered sexually into her ear from behind.

“I am glad you liked that baby because that was so invigorating. Let’s get our bags and go before we get in trouble,” she said as she moved out of my grasp and turned towards me.

“Good idea,” I said as I kissed her quickly on the lips and ran and got my bag that was coming bahis siteleri up to us on the conveyor belt.

Once I got my bag we grabbed each other’s hands and we walked out of the airport and found her car.

“Why don’t you drive?” she suggested adding a wink at the end.

“Alright” I said smiling at her.

I put my bag in the trunk and then went around and got in the passenger seat. We were just out of the parking garage when she reached over and handed me directions.

“What are these for? Aren’t you going to tell me where to go?” I asked looking from the road to her and back.

“I am going to be a little busy so you are going to have to do it yourself.” She said as she started to undo my belt.

“Woh woh what are you doing?” I asked as I looked down at her and the back at the road.

“I just thought I would kick this whole thing off with a bang. What do you think?” she asked as she unzipped my shorts.

“I am not sure how I am going to be able to keep the car on the road but I am willing to try baby. Go ahead and suck away,” I said as I patted her on the head.

She reached around in my boxers until she found my cock and wrapped her soft hand around my hot hard cock and pulled it out into the open air. I drew in a sharp breath from the sudden rush of cold air but calmed down after her hot mouth engulfed the head of my cock.

“Oh fuck your hot mouth feels so good,” I moaned out as I had to swerve the car back into the lane at the same time.

“Hey now don’t get us killed. This would be really hard to explain to a cop if we got pulled over,” she said smiling at me.

She winked at me and then went back to work on my cock. She snaked her tongue out of her mouth and slid it along the slit taking the precum I released into her mouth.

“Mmm you taste good,” she said as smacked her lips.

“There is more where that came from don’t worry,” I said looked at the directions.

She went back to work on my cock by sliding her tongue up and down my shaft and she used her right hand to take my balls in hand and starts massaging them softly as I saw her left hand slowly encase my shaft in her hands slowly stroking it up and down. She stopped licking the shaft as she stroked it and then took the head in her mouth and sucked it in rolling her tongue around the head. All of a sudden she stopped sucking the head, stopped stroking my shaft and stopped playing with my balls so I was about to inquire into what was going on when all of a sudden I felt her warm wet mouth engulf my cock to the hilt. The sudden feel of her deep throating me was too much for me.

“Oh fuck that feels amazing. I have never experienced anything as great as this baby. I can’t take it anymore; I am going to fucking cum baby. Oh fuck,” I started moaning and grunting out as my head rolled back and my eyes closed in ecstasy as I pumped my load deep in her mouth and she didn’t even miss a drop.

I felt like I was just about to pass out from the orgasm when I heard the horn of another car and quickly came back to reality and swerved back in the lane I was in.

“Woh baby are you ok? Do you want to pull over and let me drive? We don’t need to get in an accident.” She said smiling at me as she sat back up and put my shrinking cock away.

“I am fine sorry it is just that was the best thing I have ever felt and that was the most powerful orgasm of my life,” I told her right when I turned into the driveway of the hotel.

We both got out and had the car parked by the valet as I took my bag in one hand and hers in the other and we both walked through the entrance. We walk up to the counter with her in front and me behind her holding her around the waste giving her kisses on the neck.

“Can I have the name of the register please?” the lovely female cashier said as she smiled at us.

“Scott,” I said as I stopped kissing her neck for a second.

“May I see your license please,” she asked.

“Sure thing,” I said as I took my wallet from my pocket and took my license out and gave it to her.

She went through the whole process and checking us in and finally gave us our keys to the room and the receipt but before we left she gave us a little piece of paper.

“That is just in case maybe you guys decide you would like another person to play with,” she told us as she gave us the card.

“Oh why thank you. I am sure we will think about it,” I said as I took the card and winked at her as we left for the room.

We walked hand in hand through the lobby to the elevator and once the doors closed things got heated. Nobody was in the elevator since right when the door closed we were in a passionate embrace with each of us rubbing the other’s ass as we massaged each other’s tongues in the passionate French kiss. We continued our kissing as I moved one of my hands between us massaging her breast through her shirt as she used one of her hands to rub my cock through my pants.

The door opened at our floor and it was tough but bahis şirketleri we finally separated as the door started to close and we got out. We walked quickly to our room and it took her what felt like eternity to open the door but it was actually only a minute long. I didn’t help much since I was behind her rubbing my cock up and down her ass as I kissed and nibbled on her neck as I used my hands to run up her shirt and massage her breasts.

“Baby you are going to have to stop that or else we will never get in the room,” she said through moans as she continued to struggle with the room key.

“Oh my bad; here let me help you,” I said as I took the room key from her hand and slid it in the door and turned the knob opening the door.

The door barely closed shut before she and I were locked in a heated embrace. We just stood there at the door kissing passionately using our tongues to massage the others doing this for minutes before I slid my hands around her waste and separated us.

“Is everything ok? Did I do something wrong?” she asked with a look of worry on her face.

“No nothing is wrong,” I said smiling.

I started to kiss her again as I used my hands to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor as she did the same to my shorts. I then took a hold of her blouse and slid it up and over her head after breaking our kiss for only a second and then again so she could do the same to my shirt.

“Mmm baby you are so fucking hot,” I said as I took a step back and looked over her in all of her naked glory in disbelief that I was going to loose my virginity today.

“You don’t look too bad yourself , ” she said as she ran her hand up and down my torso then took my cock incased in my underwear in her hand, “but I don’t think it is fair that you get to see all of me and I don’t get to see all of you.”

“Oh my bad I think he would love to see you as well,” I said as I took the sides of my underwear in hand and turned around and slid them down revealing my naked ass to her.

I start running my hands over my ass and shaking it before she says, “Come on please stop teasing me like this and let me see him again.”

I was happy to oblige her so I slowly seductively while swaying my hips turned around showed her how pleased I was to see her. I barely turned around before she was on her knees and had my cock buried to the hilt in her mouth. She never lets my cock slip from her mouth as I get on the bed. She slides her mouth up my cock and it slides out with a pop as she takes my shaft in her hand and starts to stroke it.

“Oh fuck your cock tastes so good just like the first time. I wish I could suck on this for the rest of my fucking life,” you say huskily as you move down and start to take it back into your mouth.

“I wish you could baby; I wish you could,” I say as I run my hand through her hair as she continues to make my cock nice and wet and sloppy.

She strokes my cock with her right hand as she takes one of my balls into her mouth and then the other one. I just continued to run my fingers through her hair and once and a while bending down and rubbing and massaging her breasts. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt her moving behind me while still stroking my cock and then felt her hot wet tongue slide around my asshole.

“Oh my this is interesting and pleasantly surprising as well. Oh god that feels good,” I said as I threw my head back in ecstasy as she went to town sliding her tongue all around my asshole and then even sticking it in and tongue fucking my ass.

“I thought you may like this,” she said in between fucking my ass with her tongue.

She continued to do this for another minute before she moved her head back around to the front of me and slid her mouth back down onto my cock. She continued to slide her mouth and up down my cock sliding my tongue around it massaging it and caressing my balls as well. It was getting all too much after a few minutes.

“Oh I am close; I am going to cum,” I said and just when I said that she took the index finger of her right hand and slid it deep in my ass and just when she did that I threw my head back and started to moan,” Oh fuck baby that’s it I am fucking cumming.”

I grabbed her head and pushed it so her nose was in my pubic hair as I threw my head back and moaned and groaned as I emptied my balls deep into her mouth and she didn’t miss one drop.

I was just finished emptying my load deep into her mouth when I said, “Oh fuck that was fucking amazing. Your finger in my ass felt fucking fantastic. I …”

I never got to finish what I was saying because she got up from her knees and before I got to start the next sentence she had my head in her hands pulling my lips to hers and we started to French kiss swapping my cum in between each other. We continued to kiss each other swapping my cum around before we separated and we both swallowed the cum we had in our mouth. We just looked each other deep in each other’s eyes and I slowly walked up to her and took her hips in my hand and picked her up and took her and laid her on the bed. I kneeled down in between and spread them as wide as they could go with my hands as I slid them up and down her silky smooth thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32