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We are riding in the car, with the top down. Driving through the mountains on a mostly deserted stretch of highway. You are in passenger seat with your sunglasses on, wearing a cute little tube top and a denim mini. Your soft sexy legs stretch out beneath it down to your freshly painted toes. You have your shoes off as you wiggle your toes just enjoying the scenery.

You catch me watching them and smile at me as I turn slightly red from getting busted.

After a little while, you lay your hand on my lap, giving a light squeeze.

I ask you if you are up for a little game of ‘Dares’ and you say yes but that you want to go first.

You start with daring me to unzip my shorts and pull my cock out and so I do. I can feel your eyes upon me as I try concentrate on the road. Though I’m not hard yet, I’m starting to get that way thinking about where this game will lead.

Next I dare you to turn a little sideways in your seat and pull your skirt up so that I can see what’s underneath it. As you do I get to see your smoothly shaven pussy with a hint of moistness. Licking my lips just thinking about how sweet you taste.

You smile as you see my cock start to harden, next you dare me to stroke it, and make it really hard. As I do this, I look at you and see you biting on a nail as you watch me. I wrap my fist around it and stroke it nice and slow, squeezing it every now and then making the head of it swell.

I ask you to pull your top down, so that I can see yours tits. You slide down a little in the seat and with your back against the car door, you slowly pull it down and they seem to jump up once they are finally free of that restricting top. You bring your hands up and cup them, taking each nipple between your fingertips and twisting them a little. You can feel your pussy getting wetter.

I start to make illegal bahis a dare, and you say that I just went but mention that I didn’t say, “I dare you”. So I dare you to jack me off with your feet. You giggle a little as you stretch you legs across the console and place you feet on my lap. With my hand I guide my cock between the palms of your feet as you close in on it. You have such cute toes, I am thinking, as I look down at your feet and you start moving your legs back and forth, creating a tugging motion on my cock.

With my right hand now free I reach over and run my fingers up your silky smooth calves. Up past your knees to your thighs, I can feel you spreading your legs a little more for me, yet trying to keep your feet together on my cock.

You feel my fingertips brush against yours lips and it feels like a little jolt of electricity. I start to run my fingers up and down your wetness. I bring my hand up and place it so that my thumb is right over your clit and start to slowly rub it in circles. I can feel your heart rate quicken as your breathing shortens.

My cock, now hard and throbbing between your feet starts to ooze a little pre-cum. You see this and squeeze the head of it with your toes, getting them sticky.

Taking a break from your clit, I slide two long fingers into you, past the first knuckle and then the second until they are all the way up in you. Slowly I pull them back out then push them back in. You are really starting to get wet now as you let one of your breast go and start to rub your clit while I finger you.

I love to watch you play with yourself; something about it just drives me crazy.

Taking long slow strokes in and out of your pussy with my fingers, I look over and see you with your head back against the door and your eyes closed. The sun upon your face, your body, illegal bahis siteleri you start to feel warm all over.

You feel my fingers slow to a stop, deep inside of you, and then I pull them all the way out. As you open your eyes, you watch me bringing my fingers to my lips. Taking them into my mouth I can taste your sweetness upon them. I open my eyes and see you watching me and then I glance down towards my cock as your gaze follows mine.

You pull your legs back, as you reposition yourself, taking my hardened cock in your soft fingers as you bring your head down to my lap and slowly start to stroke me. With your knees in your seat and your cute ass sticking up in the air, I feel you start to lick and suck on the head of my cock. You can taste my pre-cum as you do.

I reach under you with my right hand and cup and squeeze your firm breast. Perfect in size, I switch from one to the other. Taking each nipple in turn, squeezing it between my fingertips, pulling on them, making them nice and hard.

You lick the shaft of my cock from top to bottom and then back again before you stop. The wetness of your tongue feels incredible. You turn your head slightly as you look up at me with a mischievous little grin and say “I dare you not to cum.” And with that you turn back and plunge my cock deep into your mouth. I squirm in my seat as I feel the head of my cock hit the back of your throat. You hold it there a few seconds, as I feel your throat muscles relaxing, and then you start driving me crazy. Wrapping your tongue around my dick you slowly start pulling back to the top. Stroking me as you lick and suck my cock, I try to keep focus on the road but the feeling is so intense.

Releasing your breast I reach over and place my hand on your denim covered ass. You can feel my fingertips at the bottom of canlı bahis siteleri the skirt, touching your soft ass. With a little work I manage to pull your skirt up enough that your ass is in plain view now, as you feel my hand rubbing it. Stretching out my fingers, I start to trace down your ass crack. You jump a little as my fingertips run over your puckered bud on my way to something sweeter. Reaching your pussy, I use two of my fingers to spread your lips a little as I slide my middle finger through the wetness and to your clit.

I try to focus on playing with your pussy because the work you are doing on my cock is about to make me lose the dare.

Sliding my first and second finger into you, I start to tease your ass with my thumb. Just a little, making it expand and contract, as you let out a muffled moan on my cock. I don’t know if it is setting or from me teasing your ass or what, but I can feel you getting really wet. Usually with two fingers, you are a nice fit with a little room to spare but now I start to slide a third finger into your moistness. You start to work feverishly on my cock, feeling how stuffed your pussy is, as I start pumping my fingers in and out of you.

You really start moving your hips to meet the thrust of my fingers. I sense your orgasm starting to build as you increase the intensity of the stroking and sucking. A few more thrust of my fingers and then I plunge my thumb into ass. With that your body stiffens and I can feel your pussy muscles spasm. You lift your head off of my cock and let out a moan. “Fuck yes,” you say, “fuck me baby.” I continue to wiggle my fingers in your pussy, sending out little shock waves through your body.

Eventually I let my thumb slide from your ass, as you go weak and drop your head upon my lap. Sliding my fingers out of your pussy, I pull your skirt back down over your ass, as I start looking for a place to pull over.

What luck, I think to myself, as I see a sign reading ‘Scenic view, 2 miles’. You continue to lay there with my cock pressed against your face as pull into parking area.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32