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Becky and I had been working for the same company for over five years together. She worked in the business office and I worked out front with the sales staff. Our paths crossed several times a day, but usually for only a minute or two. She would come up front to ask questions about some of the specifics of a recent sale or I would need some documentation of a previous customer. We got along well together, like most everyone there did, but it always seemed to me that she had a smile for me even on the days that it may not have been there for someone else. Maybe it was my imagination, but regardless it always kept my mind spinning with thoughts of her having a thing for me.

Becky was my age, or maybe a year or two younger. She stood about five foot tall where I am a bit over six. Her eyes were brown and usually protected behind a pair of big librarian glasses; she kept her haircut in a pageboy style and was always dressed quite conservatively. She wasn’t anyone’s beauty queen; as a matter of fact, she was probably fairly plain, but I always found her to be quite interesting.

Back near the office was a filing room. One wall was just a long row of filing cabinets and the opposite was a table with a fax machine, paper cutter, telephone and a few other office gadgets. The room was about twelve feet long, but had very little room between the filing cabinet wall and the table on the other side. One person could easily get in and out, but if two people needed something at the same time it just might be a bit of a squeeze. It wasn’t bad; most of the time one person would just step out and let the other person finish what they were doing. While on occasion one would excuse himself and pass behind the other as he entered or left.

This past December, just a week or so before the holidays, things around the office seemed especially light. It seemed that smiles around the office were easier to come by, and even office flirtations were a little bolder than usual. Everyone was enjoying the season. Becky and I strolled past each other several times a day. We always smiled and said hello. On occasion we both happened upon the file cabinet room at the same time. I usually excused myself and let her have the room to finish her filing before I went in to get whatever papers I needed.

Late in the afternoon, after most of the office staff had gone for the day. I needed a esat escort few customer files and quickly stepped into the filing room to get them. Becky was already inside trying to fax some papers. I excused myself and slipped behind her to the cabinet where my files were. I grabbed the packet that I needed and moved back towards the door. Just as I tried to step behind her to leave, she had apparently finished what she was doing and stepped back at the same time. I bumped into her from behind and pushed her forward. Becky had to catch herself on the tabletop.

She turned and looked at me in surprise said, “What are you doing?”

I felt so bad that I couldn’t do anything but apologize. At first she gave me this mean stare, but then she started laughing and said that it was no big deal and I had better get done with whatever I was in there for.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, I couldn’t think of anything else. I felt so bad about almost knocking her down, but at the same time I couldn’t get the thought of her leaning over that tabletop as she caught herself out of my mind. The thought of pushing her over that table, and her butt as she leaned over it gave me a hard-on that wouldn’t go away. But at the same time I felt bad and walked back to her cubicle to apologize once more. She wasn’t in her cubicle; she was in the file room again. I stepped up to the door.

” I am sorry for being in such a hurry and just wanted to apologize again for knocking you down.”

She looked at me, smiled, and then shook her head. “It’s no big deal! Don’t worry about it!”

With that, I said “Well, maybe we can knock each other around in here again sometime.”

As soon as I said it, I couldn’t believe the words that had come out of my mouth. I started to blush and was about to apologize once again when I saw her startled look.

She recovered quickly and replied, “So you enjoyed it that much, huh?” I couldn’t say a word. I stood there blushing and felt my dick begin to swell in my pants again. She noticed it too, and her face turned red. Once I realized what she had seen, I bolted back to my office and pretended to be busy until it was time to go home for the day.

The following day I tried to avoid Becky. If I saw her coming, I would go the other way, but it wouldn’t last forever. We passed each other in the hallway; we made eye contact, etimesgut escort smiled and said hello. My face had gone red before the word hello could come out of my mouth and noticed her grin as we passed. Damn I was embarrassed. The day rolled along as usual until the end. Once again I needed some documents from the office and went back to pull them from the cabinet. Once again Becky stood there by the fax machine as she too tried to wrap things up before the day was over. I excused myself and carefully slipped in behind her, grabbed the papers I needed, and started to slip back out again. Being more than just careful this time, I was surprised when she leaned back into me and pushed me into the file cabinets behind her. I wasn’t hurt or knocked down, but I was startled. I think she did that on purpose.

She turned and looked at me said “Sorry,” with a smile and a blush. Startled, I looked at her said, “I don’t think you are.”

Her face turned brighter as she grinned and looked away. With my best John Wayne voice, I said to her, “Well, I guess this file room just isn’t big enough for the two of us.”

She looked over her shoulder at me, grinning, and said, “Yup, that’s what’s fun about it.”

The following day we passed each other in the hallway and smiled. We brushed past one another a couple of times in the file room as the day rolled along. It seemed that each time we passed by, we got physically closer and the tension got heavier. Near the end of the day I sat at my desk wondering if she just might be at the fax machine. I had nothing to pick up from the file room and otherwise had no reason to go back that way. But the thought just wouldn’t leave my mind, and neither would the hard-on that I tried to hide in my pants.

With a couple of file folders in my hands as a disguise, I walked back to the file room. There she was, standing in front of the fax machine. I noticed her grin as I walked in behind her. I gently laid my hand on her shoulder and excused myself as I slipped behind her to the other end of the room. I pretended to go through one of the cabinets for a few seconds, as though I was looking for something, before I closed the drawer and started to leave. As soon as I stepped behind her she pushed her butt up against me and pushed my back against a cabinet.

She said, “Oops, I’m sorry,” just before ankara escort she let out a cute giggle. I didn’t say anything. But I did push forward with my hips and shoved her back towards the table again. I stood there without moving for a few seconds before I said, “I don’t think you are.” Because of our heights, her round butt pushed against the tops of my thighs while my swollen cock poked towards the small of her back. “What are you doing?” she asked.

I didn’t say a word, but I put my hands on her waist and leaned even more tightly against her. She said it again, “What are you doing?” But she didn’t try and move away. She just stood there as we pressed against each other.

I slowly moved my hands up her sides, onto her back and up to her shoulders. I moved my hands and fingers in a gentle massage across the material of the blouse she was wearing. My hands slowly made their way back down her back and to her hips as I slid them across her round bottom and cupped the cheeks of her ass. Again she said, “What are you doing?” but she didn’t move away. I only felt her pushing back towards me even tighter.

I spread my feet outside of hers. This allowed me to stand directly behind her so her ass and my swollen dick were at the same height. Squeezing the cheeks of her butt with both hands I leaned against her ass tightly, feeling my cock poking against her soft round bottom for the first time. She moaned softly and in a soft breathy voice she asked yet again, “What are you doing?” I moved my hands upward and firmly held onto her hips, and I began humping firmly against her soft ass. The feel of her round butt against my cock and the sight of this petite lady bent over this table had me going. The more I humped against her butt the tighter I held onto her hips and the louder I moaned. Again she said, “What are you doing?” This time the sound of her voice seemed a bit more anxious and just a bit sultrier. She leaned over the tabletop with her hands towards the other side of it for support. She pushed back into me even tighter. I moaned again as I continued poking tightly against her butt. As my hands squeezed her hips and my cock pressed into her soft ass I leaned over her back as I humped and grunted. She turned her face, trying to look over her shoulder at me and again said, “What are you doing?”

I tried looking into her eyes as I let out one long and growling moan. I felt myself releasing all of my weight right on top of her and said, “I’m cumming!”

I laid over her for just seconds then heard her cute giggle once more. I stood up and quickly left the file room. I didn’t look back. Besides it was time to go home for the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32