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The taste of Destiny’s pussy still fresh on her tongue, Sheila reached down with her own stained hands and helped Destiny off Dave’s crotch.

“You’d need a damn knife to cut the smell of sex in here,” Sheila thought to herself, the only one of the three not to feel the joy of release yet that evening.

Sheila’s tits hanging over the front of her yanked down blouse, the delicate white orbs bounced freely against Destiny’s shoulder and midsection as she helped the spent black girl down on the bed.

“Just lay there and rest for a few seconds,” Sheila softly offered, using her left hand to gently trace the outline of Destiny’s still spasming cunt.

Pushing Destiny’s thighs apart as the exhausted black girl reclined parallel to the bottom edge of the bed, Sheila lowered her face towards the sweltering aroma of Destiny’s dripping sex. Knowing the young girl’s clitoris was still too sensitive to touch, Sheila carefully caressed her lips against the trembling weight of Destiny’s thighs before swiping her tongue in the arc of a rainbow back and forth over the cleanly shaven pussy in front of her.

Gently lowering her lips towards Destiny’s cunt when she felt the black girl’s hands nudging her downwards, Sheila extended her tongue and darted it back inside her half naked, black lover’s simmering womb.

“AAAHHH,” Destiny shrieked, at the same time digging all ten of her fingers into the mat of Sheila’s thick and luxurious red hair.

Blindly raising her left hand up to Destiny’s chest, Sheila fondled and pinched at the black girl’s breasts while simultaneously cupping her right hand, in a shape of a V, around Destiny’s vaginal folds to funnel the moisture which continued to seep from her depths. Pressing her mouth squarely down on the reamed pink oval, Sheila quickly created a suction on Destiny flooded cunt until what was left of Dave and Destiny’s combined fluids were washing into her mouth.

The contents of the hotel room now a fuzzy haze, Destiny did her best to focus her gaze down the length of her smooth and well toned belly at Sheila’s face tucked snugly between her legs and couldn’t help but admire how the hungry redhead’s cheeks looked just like a fish’s gills breathing in and out as they ingested the frothy nectar from her cunt.

Once the train had stopped roaring inside Destiny’s head and she was able to gradually gather herself after such a brutal release, she lazily lounged there on the bed and watched as Sheila swiped her tongue up and down the stretched width of her aching vagina.

Her batteries recharged and suddenly eager for a taste of her own, Destiny reached down and took Sheila by the scruff of the neck. Pulling Sheila’s slimy face slowly away from her crotch, Destiny was startled and aroused by the way the vaginal and seminal residue clung to her cheeks, nose, lips and chin just like an intricate pattern of thick, syrupy cobwebs.

Taking a deep breath, Destiny shifted onto her side before leaning forward. Coming face to face Sheila, Destiny caressed the redhead’s neck and throat with her fingernails before pressing her lips roughly against Sheila’s.

Flexing her fingers across the rippled contours of Sheila’s abs, Destiny kept her lips locked on her partner’s as she spun Sheila onto her back. Taking the dominant position above Sheila, Destiny snaked her tongue out of the stripper’s mouth before quickly tracing it down the line of her jaw and jugular.

Clutching her left hand over Sheila’s right shoulder as she towered over top of her, Destiny inched lower on the mattress, using her tongue like a wet brush, zigzagging a pattern across Sheila’s freckled chest before finally clamping her mouth around the fleshy, ivory colored cylinder of her meaty left tit.

“SHHMMMMM,” the prone woman hissed as Destiny’s tongue circled and danced over the mass of her engulfed breast.

Her mouth stuffed full of Sheila’s bosom, Destiny slowly pulled her oral grip away from the saliva drenched breast, making sure she kept her front teeth tenderly tethered to Sheila’s shamelessly aroused, grape sized nipple. Traipsing the fingers of her free hand down Sheila’s flinching body, Destiny slid her fingertips over the crease of Sheila’s pelvis before coming to grips with another woman’s aroused pussy for the very first time.

“AAHHH,” the 6 foot tall Amazon cringed and gasped when Destiny’s probing digits found their way inside the outer rim of her vagina.

Jabbing at Sheila’s snatch the same way she enjoyed toying with her own, Destiny gracefully twisted her wrist until both her index and middle fingers were buried knuckle deep inside the oozing vice between Sheila’s legs.

Goosebumps spreading like wildfire across her skin from the way Sheila’s body quivered each time she dabbed her fingers deeper into the mewing girl’s womb, Destiny leaned forward and bit down on each of Sheila’s protruding nipples before swiping her tongue down the redhead’s torso and hips. Taking a deep breath, Destiny took one last look at the way Sheila’s eyes rolled lazily in their sockets before she scooted her knees all the way to the floor.

The scent of the burning chasm between Sheila’s legs esat escort intensifying with every inch her face neared her ultimate target, Destiny opened her mouth and extended her tongue, dropping the tip of it dead center just below Sheila’s bellybutton before rolling it anxiously across the girl’s waist and ultimately, her smoothly shaved crotch.

“OOHHHEEYYYYY,” Sheila’s voice rattled through the room when Destiny’s heavy tongue slid marvelously over her erect clit.

Destiny’s mouth now full of the musky and slick essence of Sheila’s poon, Destiny removed the fingers of her right hand from the moist grip of Sheila’s snatch and beckoned for Dave to hand her the glass of champagne she had earlier discarded. Taking the half empty glass in her slippery hand, Destiny took a quick sip to quench the palate before turning the glass upside down and spilling the rest of the fizzing liquid in a messy, splashing cascade over Sheila’s entire crotch.

Darting her face back between Sheila’s legs, Destiny inhaled the lurid combination of liquid arousal and champagne percolating through Sheila’s vaginal folds. Opening her mouth wide, Destiny mashed her lips flush against Sheila’s pussy and gouged the residue from the squirming redhead’s sex the same way Sheila had done to her moments earlier.

“MY FUCKING GOD,” the Amazon slut writhed, her soft white asscheeks grinding on the sheets in a pool of chilled champagne.

Jabbing two of her fingers deep into Sheila’s snatch, Destiny stirred the ravenous contents of the quivering woman’s cunt until more of the frothy mixture churned over her tongue and down her throat. Pushing Sheila’s thighs further apart, Destiny scrubbed her puffy, lipstick smeared lips over the complete oval outline of Sheila’s vagina until she could feel the ingested carnal stew warming her taste buds.

Sucking at Sheila’s cunt like a kitten at a nipple, Destiny twisted her embedded fingers into the shape of a hook and gently ripped at the inner walls of Sheila’s vagina until her crotch was gyrating crazily up against Destiny’s chewing mouth.

Forced to fight for air as Sheila’s pussy slapped continuously against her face, Destiny turned her head slightly to the side to take a deep breath and caught a glimpse of Sheila’s lurching ass out of the corner of her eye.

Emboldened by the way Sheila’s vaginal muscles viciously hugged at the fingers of her right hand, Destiny extended the index finger of her left and snaked it inside the crack of Sheila’s ass. Feeling Sheila’s body tense ever so slightly when the realization of what Destiny was attempting registered, the anxious black stripper grinned and sighed, continuing to unmercifully tease each of Sheila’s orifices. Without warning, Destiny then rolled her greasy finger into place between the redhead’s asscheeks and pressed the tip of it into the rubbery button of her anus.

“OOOHHHHHH,” Sheila yelped, her shoulders jerking off the mattress when she felt her rear end penetrated.

“MMMMMMM… Take it Bitch” her black counterpart groaned in approval, twisting her left wrist 180 degrees to the right until her prickly finger corkscrewed down to the first knuckle inside Sheila’s rectum.

Feeling more power than she had ever felt over a situation, or another person for that matter, Destiny bathed in an overwhelming sense of purpose. Keeping her left hand braced tightly against Sheila’s blooming anus, Destiny clenched the muscles in her forearm before flexing her middle finger forward, adding it to Sheila’s puckered asshole in an act of crude possession.

“I wonder if I can really do this?” Destiny asked herself before anchoring her two fingers inside of Sheila’s cunt.

Leaning in to give Sheila’s pussy another quick series of predatory tongue lashes, Destiny finally pulled back and slowly extended both the ring finger and pinky on her right hand just before adding them to the tight crevice her first two fingers had already created.

Peeking up over Sheila’s heaving chest, Destiny could see a look of fear and uncertainty in the redhead’s milky, blue eyes. Somewhere in that look of horrified anticipation, Destiny could see that even though Sheila had done a litany of things in her past that would have made the most liberal of sexual creatures blush, despite Sheila’s stature and sexual prowess, what Destiny was about to do with her right hand was causing even someone like Sheila to hold her breath.

Watching the blood rush through the veins of Sheila’s neck as if it was being propelled by a turbine engine, Destiny let out a low, guttural moan before closing her hand into a fist inside the flexed and cowering walls of Sheila’s vagina.

“WWWHHAAAA… AAAAAAA… MMYYYYYYGGOODDDDDD,” she cried helplessly, thrashing her weight side to side on the bed as the entire inner perimeter of her crotch became impaled on the spit of Destiny’s embedded right hand.

The bottom of Destiny’s palm pressed firmly against the outer rim of her distended quim, Sheila shivered on the sheets as if an ever intensifying earthquake had taken root in her spine.

“NNNNAAAHHHHHH… MMMMMMFFUUUCCKKKKK… AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Sheila etimesgut escort husky voice ricocheted through the room as warm tears began leaking from the corners of her eyes.

Struggling to train those moistened sockets down the length of her body, Sheila had no choice but to stare with horrid fascination as Destiny’s wrist bone disappeared deep into her barely recognizable cunt.

“This is what having a baby must feel like… only in reverse,” Sheila thought to herself, feeling her body crust open and split down the middle as she tried to hold her crotch in place to meet Destiny’s fist head on.

“OH SHIT… OHHH… SHIT… OOHHHSSSHHITTTTTT,” Sheila spat continuously, grinding her pearly whites together as Destiny’s closed fist took on the same consistency of a ball of Plutonium inside her womb.

Yelp after hiccupping yelp escaping her mouth each time Destiny leaned in and sadistically lapped her tongue over her prey’s pudgy clit, Sheila fervently yanked her left leg into the air and folded it over the black girl’s shoulder before flapping each of her hands out to the side in a crucifixion-like pose on the mattress, knowing Destiny was preparing to finish her off.


Unable to determine if she was more shocked at a vagina’s inherent ability to expand under extreme conditions, or her own devious inner capacity to do what she was doing to Sheila, Destiny steadied herself on her left elbow and pressed forward, pumping her right wrist back and forth into Sheila’s grotesquely ravaged cunt until she looked up into the redhead’s dilated pupils and watched them go ’tilt’.

Her eardrums vibrating when Sheila’s orgasm let loose, Destiny pressed her face all the way between Sheila’s flopping thighs and twisted her entrenched hand one last time inside the oily, pink cavern until her knuckles were scraping the concealed area of Sheila’s G-spot. Making sure she braced her left hand as well to keep the two fingers she had wedged inside Sheila’s bulging rectum firm and tight, Destiny cruelly see-sawed her hands back and forth until Sheila was a gyrating mass of helpless flesh on the bed.

Feeling her pussy constrict and convulse in a release of its own from the lewd poignancy of what she was doing to Sheila, Destiny kept the duel pressure on both orifices until her forearm was saturated with Sheila’s velvet feminine sauce.


For a couple of seconds, Dave Sisler sat silently on the upper half of the bed, thinking he was going to have to call up the faded memories of what he learned in a first aid class several years earlier when he saw the way Sheila started to thrash uncontrollably on the bed.

“She looks like she’s having a goddamn seizure,” he muttered under his breath.

Lazily dabbing the big toe on his right foot between Destiny’s asscheeks, Dave poked and prodded the black girl’s freshly spasming quim as silence, exhaustion and awe enveloped the room.


For Caroline, Christmas had been about as fun as a medieval root canal. Despite her best efforts to lay the groundwork for a smooth transfer with the kids and Steven, Caroline couldn’t help but feel a draining sense of awkwardness seeing her Ex for the first time since their serendipitous soirée several weeks earlier. Biting her tongue for most of the afternoon, Caroline planted on the most genuine smile she could muster when she dropped off the kids at Steven’s and came face to face with his new girlfriend.

Even though Steven was as gentlemanly as a man could be and had invited her to stay and watch the kids open their presents, Caroline knew her self esteem and patience just couldn’t take it.

“No thanks,” she had politely refused before saying her goodbyes.

Driving home after dropping the kids off, trying her best to get the image of how happy Steven and his new squeeze looked out of her mind, Caroline found herself evaluating the plusses and minuses in her life. While she had hit rock bottom several months after the divorce, she knew she was steadily crawling out of that hole.

“New Year’s Resolution,” Caroline thought out loud. “Be head paralegal at the firm this time next year… get the career going and everything else will fall into place.”

“And what about a man?” another more needy voice chimed inside her head.

Caroline couldn’t run from the fact that the main reason she didn’t accept Steven’s invitation and stay for a while longer with her kids at his condo was the overriding presence of Steven’s new girlfriend there, attached merrily to his hip.

Both her sons also had steady girlfriends and even though she didn’t say anything to Tijuanna, Caroline could see the telltale signs of fading hickeys on her Daughter’s neck.

“Everyone else in the whole world is getting laid but me,” Caroline dejectedly laughed, promising herself that next year would be different.


The first week of 2004 proved to be a windfall for Caroline. Her evaluation period at the firm came to an end and when she saw the raise ankara escort that came with it on her next pay stub, she went out and bought the first bottle of champagne of her life to celebrate.

She was also earning respect around the office. A full month after her brief ballroom dancing escapade with her Boss during the company Christmas party, Caroline had felt an increasingly tangible sense of trust on his part in her abilities at work as the weeks wore on.

“It’s because Dave appreciates the work you’re doing,” Caroline would continually remind herself even though she couldn’t help but get a stirring in her craw each time she harkened back to how refreshing it felt sharing the dance with one of the Firm’s senior partners.

So, as Caroline entered Dave’s office on a non descript Tuesday afternoon and took a seat across from him at his desk to take some notes, as professional as she tried to be, she shivered and her voice trembled slightly when the two locked eyes.

Dave hadn’t forgot that encounter with Caroline on the dance floor either. Even though the memory of what he had did with the two escorts in the hotel room after he left the Christmas party that night resonated more vividly with several other areas of his being, he couldn’t deny the steady, warm glow he felt each time he was alone with Caroline. And on top of that, she was turning out to be a very good hire for the company. While most of the younger paralegals looked at the entry level job as both a birthright and a mere stepping stone to bigger things, Caroline seemed to throw herself into the job with a lot more passion and vigor than most of her spoiled counterparts.

“Comes with maturity I guess,” Dave reasoned, even though he was still fixated on just how vibrant and voluptuous Caroline looked on the other side of the table.

And that’s when the dominos inside Dave’s libido began to tumble. Any thought of Caroline gravitated quickly to their brief but memorable shared dance during the Christmas party. Then any thought of that night quickly devolved into a visceral memory of what he had witnessed, then later done, with the two call girls in the hotel after the party.

Fighting his damndest to keep his attention focused on the task at hand, Dave was slapped back to reality by a look of awe on his paralegal’s face.

“What… what is it?” Dave’s dry lips mumbled as he shifted subtly in his chair to take the pressure off his growing arousal.

Twisting his neck backwards to follow the course of Caroline’s astonished gaze, Dave saw a helicopter cruising through the air, 200 feet off the ground as it choppered its way to one of the neighboring building’s helipads.

“Quite a view from up here,” Caroline mumbled.

“Yeah… I guess it is,” Dave replied, thankful for the swerve in conversation. “I guess I’ve been up in this office for so long I’ve started to take the view for granted. Why don’t you get up and come around the desk and take a look at the city from the catbird’s seat.”

Scooting his chair backwards, Dave stood up and allowed Caroline to stand beside him so she could see downtown Chicago’s skyscape.

Dave’s heart revving when he caught the first sustained whiff of Caroline’s perfume, he instinctively buried his hands deep in his pocket and turned several degrees to the right to hide the erection that was stirring inside his slacks.

Keeping his fists tightly wedged inside his pants as Caroline’s eyes eagerly scanned the view below, Dave couldn’t help but subtly rub his fingertips over the throbbing shaft of his manhood through the lining of his pocket when he knew she wasn’t looking.

Never one to be confused with a dyed in the wool romantic, Dave gradually felt a strange wave of euphoria sweep through his system the longer he stood next to Caroline and watched with her, the business of the city carry on below. Saliva pooling in his mouth, Dave’s knees began to tremble as the log of his ever expanding cock began to press against his right thigh.

Swallowing hard as he allowed his eyes to scan Caroline’s stunningly voluptuous profile, Dave felt what blood that wasn’t already headed that way rush to his penis.

“Goddamn,” Dave mumbled to himself at the arousing way Caroline’s bosom shifted inside her blouse each time she extended her arm forward to point out a landmark outside the window.

Before he had even realized it, Dave’s left hand had inched its way behind Caroline’s back, and in one agonizingly slow and tedious moment, had clasped around his unsuspecting employee’s waist.


For several reasons, Caroline had found it difficult to get the memory of her brief encounter on the dance floor, during the Christmas party with Dave Sisler, out of her mind either. One of the reasons was it was about the only redeeming thing about the evening after the way her date, Larry, acted on the way home. She also had the growing sense that she was being accepted around the office and that her talents and hard work were paying dividends. On a deeper and more primal level however, Caroline also felt an intangible but reassuring sense of worth from that dance floor encounter. After going nearly a year and a half without a man, to have one, especially one of Dave Sisler’s stature and influence show her that much interest and attention, in the private recesses of her mind, Caroline found herself increasingly drawn to her new Boss.

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