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I suggest reading my first chapter before reading this one.


Chapter II

The next morning I wake up to Elliot cuddling me. I hate cuddling.

“Good morning, Elliot,” I say somewhat impatiently.

“Good morning, Belle,” he replies sleepily.

I scoot away from him, but he scoots with me. I hope this guy doesn’t try to latch on too hard. That’s the problem with taking a person’s virginity. They never want to let you go.

“Do you have anything to do today?” I glance at the clock, “It’s Wednesday and it’s already 11 am,” I say, hoping he’s late for something and he’ll jump up to leave.

“No, I-I don’t have anywhere to be,” he sits up slightly.

“You don’t have to work?”

“I work… f-from home,” he replies vaguely, “But I should get back within the next few hours.”

“How about we take a shower, then I’ll be on my way?” I ask, getting up.

“Ok-kay, you can go first.”

“Don’t you wanna come with me?” I look at him over my shoulder.

“N-no… I only paid for the night,” he replies sadly, “Even though we only… d-did it… once. I’m sorry I fell asleep”

“I’ll count this time as part of last night. You’re right, we only fucked once,” I pause for a second, “You don’t have to worry about falling asleep, a lot of men do it,” I lie.

“You sure?” he asks with big puppy dog eyes.

I climb back onto the bed and get close to his face, “Positive,” I reply. He smiles wide and stares up at me, expecting me to kiss him.

Instead, I grab his hand and pick him up. We’re both still naked, so there’s no need to take off any clothes. I lead him to the bathroom and shut the door. I turn on the bath water then switch the shower on.

The bathroom is very nice. There’s only a toilet and a sink, along with a big walk in shower with glass doors, but there’s plenty of space for two people to move around.

I lean into him and get on my tiptoes to kiss him. He moans slightly and I smile. This man is very easy to please.

I reach down to grab his cock. It quickly grows in my hand and I smile into our kiss. I stroke him softly, trying not to get him too excited yet.

I pull away to check if the water is warm enough to get in. Feeling that it’s perfect to me, I drag Elliot in with me.

“This water is kinda hot,” he chuckles.

“You’ll get used to it, baby,” I smile. I lean up again to kiss him and he wraps his arms around my waist.

The hot water washes over us, making our bodies slide against one another. I can feel his cock getting bigger against my lower stomach. I rub my body against his harder, stroking his dick in the process. He moans again and I moan back.

“Do you like feeling me against your sexy body?” I ask.

“Y-yes, Belle. I really do,” he replies in a whisper.

“Good,” I smile up at him.

I kiss his neck and he bites his lip, smiling slightly. I kiss his collarbone, then move my way to his chest.

“Touch me,” I say seductively. He puts his hands on my sides and rubs up and down.

“Where d-do you want me to touch you?” he asks quietly, not making eye contact.

“I want you to touch me wherever you want to,” I say, guiding his right hand to my ass. I help him squeeze it and I see him smile.

“So, ca-an I touch you here?” he asks, moving his left hand to my left boob.

“Yes, anywhere you want.”

“And, here?” he moves his left hand down to my other asscheek. I nod and smile at him. He gives me a small smirk and looks into my eyes for a few seconds. büyükesat escort When he moves his left hand again, he looks away. His left hand slowly moves to my front and between my thighs.

“Mmm Elliot. I like that,” I encourage him.

“Do you want me to stick a finger inside you?” he asks, sounding a little more confident.

“Just one?” I giggle. He chuckles and slowly inserts two fingers inside me. It’s a tight fit, I haven’t let my body become less desirable in any way since I started my current job.

He moves his two fingers in and out of me roughly. He’s obviously struggling a little since he has to bend down at an awkward angle, but it feels better than it does with other men.

“That feels really good, Elliot.”

“I want to do something else to you, Belle,” he says, confident but skeptical.

“Don’t ask, just do it,” I tell him. He immediately bends down and starts to suck on my right nipple, still with his fingers inside me. I moan out a real moan, no faking. I didn’t expect anything like that. He seems to gain confidence after I tell him he can do what he wants.

He bites my nipple lightly and rubs my clit with his thumb. I moan again and I feel his smile against my tit. He moves to the other nipple, repeating the same movements he did with my right. I move my hands to comb through his hair as he slaps my ass once softly.

He moves his face away from my body, “Do you like that?” he asks.

“Yeah, I really do,” I reply, smiling down at him enthusiastically. He smiles back then begins kissing down my body.

When his lips reach my bellybutton he looks up at me, as if his eyes are asking if he can go farther. I look away, wanting him to take charge. He pauses for a moment.

“I’m going to kiss you… down there now. W-would you like that?” he asks, losing some of his confidence.

“I would like that a lot. You seem to be a natural when it comes to pleasing a woman,” I reply.

He pulls his fingers out of me then kisses oh so slowly down to my clit. I open my legs for him, allowing him room to lick me. I prop my left leg up on the side of the bathtub.

“I’ve seen some porn about this. I wanted to be prepared if I ever got the chance to do it. If something doesn’t feel right, tell me,” he says. I nod.

He pushes his tongue hard against my entrance, his tongue penetrating a tad. He slowly moves from there up to my clit. When he reaches that sweet spot he twirls his tongue around it. When I told him he was a natural I wasn’t kidding.

He puts his lips around my clit and sucks lightly, then attacks it with his tongue. I bite my lip and lean back against the wall, tilting my hips up a bit.

While he’s still toying with my sensitive nub, he sticks two fingers into my pussy. I gasp then moan loudly. He pulls his finger out then puts it to his lips, telling me I should be quiet. He stares at my eyes then licks his finger clean before shoving it back inside me.

“Mmm. You taste really good,” he smiles. I moan and lean my head back, closing my eyes.

He soon returns to licking my clit and I feel myself getting close. No man has been able to do this to me yet, throughout my whole career I’ve never even gotten this close.

“Elliot, that feels so good. I think I might cum if you keep doing that. I think my legs will give out, and I don’t want to hurt you. Either be ready to catch me or let me lay down,” I say, my breathing getting heavier.

“I can catch you, I’m pretty çankaya escort strong,” he replies. I let my body relax slightly.

He pulls his finger out then licks it again. He moans a little then leans down to lick my pussy from top to bottom. When he reaches my clit I moan again then run my fingers through his hair once more.

Elliot looks up at me and smirks.

He licks my clit slowly and deliberately, still looking into my eyes.

Suddenly, he pushes two fingers inside my hole, then bites my clit lightly. I put my right hand over my mouth because I know I’m about to make a fuckton of noise. He furiously licks my clit and fucks me senseless with his long fingers. I moan loudly and then cum hard.

I feel my body shake and my legs give out, but he holds me up with one arm under my ass. The water washing over us has left my whole body slippery and wet, which is what allowed his pinkie to slip inside my asshole. I scream into my hands and feel my body go even more limp than before. A few seconds later, I black out.

I wake up to Elliot holding me on the shower floor with the hot water still on.

“Holy fuck,” is the only thing I can get out of my mouth.

“Are you okay?” Elliot asks.

“Mhmm,” I reply with a smile.

“You just… finished… then b-blacked out. D-did I hurt you?” he says, worried.

“Hurt me? No, not at all. You made me cum harder than I ever have. You’re the first guy who’s been able to get me off, for that matter,” I reply, sitting up. I lean against the wall so I can regain my composure.

“O-oh. I didn’t think I could do that on the f-first try,” he says, looking down with a shy smile.

“You’re a natural,” I laugh. I reach out to him and he grabs my hand. I pull him to me and kiss him tenderly. He smiles into the kiss and bites my lip lightly. I moan, and I’d like to say it’s intentional when in reality I couldn’t hold it back.

“You really think so?” he whispers, pulling back from me.

“I really do. You should be more confident with yourself. You’re very handsome and you have an incredible talent,” I whisper back. His smile widens and he leans in to kiss me once more.

This time it’s me who pulls away. I stand up and he follows me, his hands around my waist. He’s probably worried I’ll fall over again. I pull his hands away and kiss him passionately.

I move from his lips down to his neck quickly, then bite and kiss near his carotid artery. He moans and I feel his pulse rise through his neck. I grip his sides as I kiss down to his stomach. He moans when I reach the skin right below his belly button. I lick from that skin to the base of his cock, going agonizingly slow. He runs his right hand through my wet hair and I smile up at him.

“Do you want me to suck your cock, Elliot?” I ask.

“Y-yes. I would love that,” he moans.

“I want you to say it for me. I want to hear how much you’d like me to blow you.”

“Please b-blow me, Belle. I want you t-t-to so badly,” he replies awkwardly. I can tell it’s hard for him to talk dirty. I’m trying to help him out because I know that if he ever expects to have sex with anyone besides a callgirl then he’ll have to be less timid.

“That’s what I like to hear,” I smile.

I lick the underside of his cock from base to tip, keeping my tongue flat and keeping the pressure constant. He grips my hair and pulls lightly. I smile up at him when he peeks down at me.

I swirl the tip of his dick around my tongue and ankara escort he moans loudly. Then without warning I deepthroat his cock effortlessly.

“FUCK!” he yells, reaching down to grip my hair. He pulls his hand away quickly, giving me an ‘I’m sorry’ look. I pull him out of my mouth and put a finger to my lips.

“Baby, you can’t make that much noise. I don’t want anyone to interrupt us,” I warn. He nods his head so I switch my focus back to his beautiful cock.

“You’re s-so gorgeous, Belle,” he says quietly. I smile at him then shove his cock back down my throat. I move my head back and forth slowly at first. I want him to feel every inch of my mouth before I let him face fuck me. Though, I don’t think he’d be able to handle me as rough as most men do.

I move my head faster and faster until he’s barely able to keep his moans at voice level.

“Do you want to face fuck me?” I ask him. He blushes bright red and doesn’t look down at me.

“D-do you want m-me to?” he asks slowly.

“I would like nothing more, Elliot,” I lie.

“Then yeah, i-if you want me to,” he replies. I wait for him to reach behind my head, but he stands still.

“Put your hands on either side of my face. I’ll put your cock in my mouth again. Then I want you to fuck my mouth just like you fucked my pussy last night,” I tell him.

“Okay,” he whispers. He looks down at me long enough to put his hands on each side of my face. I push his cock into my mouth then rest my hands at my sides. I look up at him as his cue to start.

He moves slowly at first. I can’t tell if it’s because he’s nervous or if he just likes to warm up before he gets to the good stuff. Eventually, his pace starts to quicken. He shoves his big cock inside my mouth, then pulls out almost all the way. He makes grunting noises that get more urgent as he continues to use my mouth.

“Fuck this feels so good,” he says, mostly to himself. He makes a face that I know must be his ‘getting close’ face. A look of pure lust and determination.

His grunts are replaced by moans and he peeks down at me a few times. When his breathing becomes more sporadic I prepare myself to swallow his load.

“Mmm Belle, I’m gonna finish soon. Do you wanna take my cum in your throat?” he asks. I’m shocked at how he’s talking to me, it’s the most confident I’ve seen him. Maybe he likes this kind of dominance thing.

I squeeze his legs enthusiastically and look up at him with what I’ve practiced to be my ‘give it to me’ look. He glances down and moans through gritted teeth. With that moan comes ropes and ropes of hot cum shot down my throat. Each thrust is slow, cutting off my air supply for a few seconds at a time.

When he’s all the way finished he lets go and backs away.

“I’m so sorry, d-did I hurt you?” he asks in a caring way as he bends down to my eye level.

“No, I’m okay. I’m great actually. You taking charge like that at the end and filling my throat with your jizz was so hot,” I smile. He takes my face in his hands and kisses me passionately.

“Will y-you come home with me, Isabelle? I’ll p-pay you another seven hundred, and you won’t even have to,” he clears his throat, “do it… with me again. P-please,” he asks, almost begging.

“I don’t know, Elliot. I don’t normally go home with my clients. You seem like a very nice guy, I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“I’ll pay you d-double then. Please.”

I pause and look at him in the eye. I could use the money… twenty one hundred dollars for last night and today. He did also give me the orgasm of my life…

“You promise to take me home if I ask?”

“Of c-course! I wouldn’t hold you ag-gainst your will.”

“Then sure. Let’s finish getting ready and then you can take me to your house,” I smile.

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