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I like this time of year. Winter had pulled back her white cloak revealing a wondrous costume of fresh greenery. The first flowers of Spring jutted out of the Earth, thrusting their bright blooms toward the newly blue sky.

I hiked up the well-worn path, taking my time, enjoying the early morning sunshine. It was quiet still. Only the occasional rustle of a small forest creature—squirrel, chipmunk, rabbit—disturbed the silence. A light breeze kicked up every other minute, making my journey a little easier, cooling the back of my neck.

The path continued to wind lazily through the wood. I took my time, savoring each step, leaving my microwaved-e-mailed-cell-phoned-hurried 21st century life behind for a glimpse of a younger year seen by this globe only a few short breaths ago.

It was yet cool enough to keep me from breaking into a true sweat. I paused, leaning my hand against the rough bark of an ancient oak tree. I pushed a chestnut-colored curl over my ear and took in the view. It was truly a beautiful day. The fresh scents of awakening plants, clean soil, and damp moss filled my nostrils and I breathed in the new life. Mornings like this made you feel like a welcome part of nature.

As much as I was enjoying my little excursion into the woods, I had another purpose besides filling my lungs with fresh air. Today I was meeting David.

I had known David for 3 years, only professionally. We butted heads more often than we agreed, but there seemed to exist a mutual respect. Once in a great while our conversations would move past the limits of his office and we’d discuss greater ambitions, concerns, the community—his impending mid-life crisis. But for the most part, it was strictly professional.

Still, I had always admired him, not just for his brilliant mind or his natural confidence, but also for more superficial qualities—his large hands, the former athlete’s body hidden underneath that 40ish physique hinting at days of Autumn afternoons playing football with the guys on a blustery New England day. There was just something special about him. In his large blue eyes I could see a smoldering passion lost somewhere in years of hard work and forgotten dreams. Between my bouts of frustration with his occasional arrogance, I longed to help him recapture a few of those aspirations. I don’t know why. Maybe I thought if he rediscovered those visions, in some way, he would help me find mine.

No matter my reasons, I found myself on a wet and rainy afternoon in his office, in high spirits, joking about the next project I was anticipating. I admit, subconsciously I must have decided to approach him about exploring new possibilities: I often found myself leaning forward, my hand falling on his knee for emphasis. In retrospect, I have to note he did not discourage me. Our flirting had become quite suggestive as of late. I enjoyed it. I think David did too.

“There was one more thing that I wanted to discuss with you, Mr. Thomas,” I said that day, standing and shutting the door to his office. He gave me a puzzled smile. I cleared my throat. “Off the record: I just wanted to let you know if you were ever interested in pursuing something outside of the office, I would be open to it.” I held my breath, honestly expecting him to demur, to suck back all the casual flirting we had been practicing.

David blinked several times before he answered. “I think a little fun is in order, Ms. Anderson.” He grinned.

“Oh,” I paused, surprised that he had so readily accepted my suggestion. “Well, good. I thought you might be open to exploring some new ground.” Damn, he had caught me off guard.

“Actually, I really need to take a break from life. This would give me a nice vacation from reality.” He continued to blink at me, the little smile never leaving his face.

“Obviously this is something we do not need to share with the whole office,” I told him.

“I agree.”

“And I have three rules,” I added.

His eyebrows shot up. “And they are?”

“One, discretion. Two, that we respect one another, and three, the only thing I am looking for is ‘a little fun’. I’m not looking for a new relationship or a commitment, just for some ‘strange’, understand?” My former lovers always understood, in fact, they loved rule number three. David was no exception.

“I can live with that.” He leaned forward and studied me with an intensity that I suddenly found uncomfortable. David continued. “The weather is starting to get nicer. You’re a ‘nature girl’,” he threw in a small smirk, “why don’t we plan on getting together when the flowers start to come up, go for a nice hike in the woods. It would be very erotic.”

It was partially true. I am somewhat of a ‘nature girl’, for lack of a better word. I do have a fascination for Mother Nature’s wild side. But beyond all that, I just wanted to satisfy some growing desires, not to mentioned some of my curiosity. Frankly, I wanted to see David naked and discover just what kind of lover he would be. If he wanted to fuck against the background of the great outdoors, so be it. I wasn’t esat escort averse to getting a few twigs in my hair. Besides, living as rural as I did, it wouldn’t be the first time I played with a lover in the forest.

“I don’t see any problem with that,” I answered. We looked at one another for a few minutes. My heart had started to race by then and I felt a nervous pit forming in my stomach. Worse, when reaching for my pen, I realized my hand was trembling slightly. I quickly pulled it back into my lap. My anxiety was relieved somewhat when David reached for his coffee mug and I noticed that his hand was shaking too.

“I suppose I should go,” I finally said, placing my paperwork back into the overstuffed date book sitting on the floor beside me. When I sat back, David held out his hand. I placed mine in his and he held it, gently rubbing my fingers, watching me. I swallowed, again feeling a little shy and wondering why. I pulled my hand from his and stood up, turning around to reach for my jacket.

It was then David really surprised me. Upon leaning forward, I felt his hand grab the waistband of my jeans and suddenly, he pulled me back against his body. His hand slipped around and brushed over my right breast as his lips grazed my ear. He murmured softly into my hair and released me as quickly as he had seized me. Caught off guard, I stammered a quick good-bye, waving my hand, and never glancing back.

That was a little over five weeks ago.

Since then we had passed one another every few days, making references to the weather and mentioning the sudden appearance of Spring flowers. It was the casual flirting that kept the fire smoldering and my imagination racing.

Two days ago I made my next move. I decided to surprise him, and popped into his office before he returned from lunch. I plopped down in a chair and flipped through a book I had carried with me so as I would have something to do with my hands while I waited. Five minutes later, David’s 6’5″ frame appeared.

He stopped short when he saw me, then smiled pleasantly.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Anderson,” he said, grinning slyly.

“Hello Mr. Thomas,” I answered back. “I just thought it was such a lovely Spring day and why not stop in and see just how you were celebrating the nice weather.” I set my book aside and leaned back in my chair, crossing my legs.

“I haven’t had much time to celebrate, but I’m looking forward to getting outside soon to enjoy the season.” He sat down in his desk chair and rolled over to me.

“Well, I am planning on a little hike on Thursday, I thought I might invite you along for some company. Get you out of this cave you call an office.” True, my heart was skipping beats, but I kept the new nervousness he seemed to bring out in me under control. “I thought I might head out in the morning before the entire forest came alive, greet the new day. Interested?”

“Very. Where did you have in mind?” David asked.

I proceeded to explain where my favorite paths were, how they offered privacy, and by only a little effort, the most secluded places could be found.

David nodded, never breaking his gaze from mine. I licked my lips, wetting them. He reached out then, his fingers tracing my jaw line and briefly caressing my cheek. I looked down, once again my bravado receding. Instead I drew little circles on his knee with my finger. He was quiet. I glanced up.

“I want to kiss you,” he said softly.


He leaned in and I held my breath as his thick lips gently bumped mine. My mouth opened; his tongue played lightly over my lips. I shuddered as tiny sparks of electricity flew through my body. My hand squeezed his knee as I pressed my lips firmly to his. One of his hands slipped around to the back of my neck, rubbing tenderly, the other moving up along the outside of my thigh to my hip. Our tongues slid past one another, pushing deep into one another’s mouth. I moaned as David’s thumb stroked down my neck from my chin to the sensitive hollow at the bottom of my throat.

I squirmed in my chair, loathe to stop the kiss, but aware that his office door was slightly open. I pushed against his chest and whispered for him to stop. He released me reluctantly. The look on his face was serious.

“What time on Thursday?” he asked.

“Nine o’clock. Just follow that trail. I’ll be waiting.”

David nodded. His eyes watched his thumb as it passed once more over my lips, then the twin pools met mine as he said softly, “I can’t wait.”

I realized that I had been standing for a good ten minutes daydreaming under the great old oak. I shook myself free of fantasy, reminding myself that a better reality was awaiting me another fifty yards up the path. I resumed my hike, my anticipation for the morning’s upcoming events growing.


I stretched out the soft green blanket on the ground, smoothing out the wrinkles. I had carried up a small knapsack with a few essentials: wine, a couple of cups, condoms—everything a girl needs for a day in the woods.

I laid back etimesgut escort on the blanket and stared up into the treetops. Glowing pinpoints of light shot down from above, touching the soft ground below. In the air floated fuzz from flowers, pollen probably, mixed with the occasional butterfly. It was a magical moment, a scene stolen from the movie ‘Legend’.

This particular spot would afford David and myself a great deal of privacy, but it was close enough to the path that we would be aware should anyone head in our direction. In fact, I could hear David making his way along the trail at that moment.

I stood, putting my hand to my chest to steady my nerves—no, my excitement. I quickly moved through the low vegetation and popped out from behind one of the many mammoth rocks that dotted the landscape in this part of the forest. David was standing with his back to me, head tilted back, eyes closed to the streams of sunshine as they danced across his face.

To anyone else, it might have seemed trite, but I understood David’s reverence. This hidden piece of paradise nestled in the corner of a tech-oriented world was a treasured find. I was glad I was able to share it with him.

“Hey,” I said softly.

He turned in my direction and flashed me a genuine smile. “You really know how to pick a perfect spot. Wow.” He gestured all around. “I half expect to find a faun and a few wood nymphs.”

“How about just one wood nymph,” I answered stepping towards him and reaching for his hand. His fingers curled around mine. I liked his hands: big, strong, but soft.

I led him back around the mossy boulder and through the trees to my blanket. He stopped and carefully examined the place I had chosen.

“This is incredibly private,” he observed.

“Yes it is,” I smiled. “I told you I knew a lot of secluded places where we could spend a morning.”

And the site was perfect, located in a rounded depression in the woods, as if some giant had reached down and scooped up a chunk of land. A wall of moss-covered Earth surrounded us on three sides. Still, it was open enough to allow the strands of sunshine in to touch us.

He dropped the gym bag he had been carrying and glanced down at the wine bottle sitting on the corner of the blanket.

“Do you want me to open that?” David asked.

“Sure,” I answered, handing him the bottle and a corkscrew.

I sat on the blanket, holding the two cups while he expertly removed the cork. He knelt on one knee and poured my wine, then his. We touched cups in a toast.

“To escaping reality,” he said.

I nodded. “To creating a little fantasy.” I sipped my wine and sat back.

David settled beside me and there we sat, sipping the wine while enjoying the natural beauty of our surroundings.

I laid my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes. I could hear the birds singing, the chatter of the little creatures of the forest. I felt David take the cup of wine from my hand and he tilted my face up towards his. His lips landed gently upon mine. His tongue pressed into my mouth, leisurely, licking along my lips, over my teeth, playing with my tongue. It was a slow kiss, made sweet by the taste of wine. I shivered as his fingers traced the line of my neck down to the collar of my shirt. There they stopped, and his fingertips caressed my skin lightly, back and forth. I placed my hand against his chest and pushed him back gently. His eyes never left me as I moved to my knees and pulled my shirt off over my head.

The warming air felt good on my bare skin. I tossed my shirt aside as David sat up and placed his hands on my shoulders, easing the straps of my bra down my arms.

Experienced fingers worked the clasp in back and my breasts fell free. He sat back, his gaze running down my body, his fingers trailing along the curve of my right breast. Instinctively I stretched to meet his touch, my nipple growing hard. He barely brushed over it, teasing instead the other, again stroking along the side and around to the full bottom. Each hand cupped a milky globe and he rubbed his thumbs easily over my tightening nipples. I sucked in a quick breath and allowed his touch to work its magic.

I was not surprised to find David handling me with such tenderness. I am a small-framed woman and in my experience, my larger lovers were often quite gentle with me. I have been fortunate.

I ran my hands up his chest and unbuttoned the top of his polo shirt before I tugged at the bottom, urging him to remove it. His hands left my body long enough to pull it over his head. Then they were back on my flesh, kneading my breasts between his fingers as he kissed my neck.

I climbed into his lap, seating myself between his thighs as I wrapped my legs around his hips. I pulled myself against him, encircling his neck with my arms and kissing him hard and full on the mouth. David’s fingers dug into my back as he held me to him tightly. My tongue probed into the back of his mouth. Our breathing became labored as we inhaled deeply through our noses. I sucked ankara escort greedily on his tongue, rotating my hips slightly in his lap.

He pulled away, gasping softly, then caught my lower lips between his teeth. He worried it for a moment, causing me to push him away. So quickly our playing had become so intense and I felt my body trembling in his arms. I needed to recover some of my self-control.

I sat back from David and knelt between his legs, smoothing my hands over his chest. I enjoyed touching him. My fingers left trails of goose-flesh and he groaned softly. I ran a finger over his rather large nipples, teasing them to hard points before I replaced my fingers with my lips. My tongue flicked at them, only to be followed by the quick nips of my teeth. I heard his sharp intake of breath as his hand ran through my hair, twisting it in his fist. I paused, feeling his grasp relax before I continued lower, occasionally biting at his flesh, the little love-handles along his sides, as he squirmed under my attentions. I moved lower.

He had a great chest, with a good amount of hair stretching down his stomach without turning into fur. I ran my fingers through the curls as my mouth kissed lower, my tongue circling his belly-button several times before I plunged it in.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned. His body stiffened as the charge ran through him. I sat back, grinning. He rolled his eyes, a quick smile overtaking his lips as he shook his head at me.

My fingers found the waistband of his khaki’s and I quickly opened his shorts. I had already felt the hard heat of his cock when we had pressed against one another, and I was eager to lay my eyes, as well as other parts of myself, on it. Now, sure, size doesn’t matter, right? Well, I wasn’t there to argue pros and cons—this wasn’t the time nor place, but I’ll be honest, I expected him to be, oh shall we say, a ‘hefty’ man. In fact, he had a few speculative nicknames amongst the women who knew him. “The Oak” was one of them.

I slowly slipped my hand inside his shorts, avoiding his gaze and concentrating on the subject ‘at hand’. Carefully I pulled a very ample-sized cock out of the confines of his pants. I could feel the surprised grin racing across my face. He was quite big, pushing a good 8 inches at least. But more than length, it was the biggest cock in diameter I had ever seen, capped with a fat mushroomed head.

I cleared my throat. “Oh my,” I said wearing my goofy grin.

He chuckled, raising his eyebrows at me. “Is there a problem?”

“I hope not,” I laughed back, shaking my head.

I ran a fingertip along the length. David flinched, then relaxed. I continued to stroke him softly, enjoying the texture, the network of veins, the way it pulsed with a life of its own under my touch.

Every cock is different, some are better than others, but each is beautiful in its own way. This one was striking.

My fingers traced the rim of its head, causing David to jump again slightly. A small drop of clear pre-cum oozed from the long slit. I touched it with my fingertip, slowly stretching a long strand between his cock and my hand. I glanced up at him. He was watching me with those soulful eyes. I licked the drop off my fingertip. He shuddered.

I slid down on my belly and propped myself between the tree trunks that were his thighs. I just wanted to taste the flesh first, satisfy another curiosity. I felt his body grow tense. I smiled. My tongue reached out and skimmed the smooth skin on the head of his cock. I heard David’s sharp intake of breath and this time, I felt the shiver race through him. I took the head between my lips and sucked lightly, starting slowly. I didn’t want to rush this moment for either one of us. I pulled my mouth away from the head and ran my tongue up and down the length of his hardness. I covered him in my saliva, alternating between long licks and wet kisses. His cock jumped under my attentions.

Sitting up a little, I coaxed him to lift his hips and pulled his shorts down over his thighs to below his knees. I kissed the insides of his legs, appreciating the firm muscles there before I returned to his prick, grasping the length gently with my left hand while I rubbed the head under the palm of my right in small circles. David dug his fingers into the blanket and pulled at the ground. His breathing became heavy and his hips twitched involuntarily.


I lowered my head again and took his cock into my mouth as far as I could. True, I wasn’t able to suck down the whole prize, but I managed to stuff a generous amount to the back of my throat. I worked his cock, slowly at first, tightening my lips around the muscle each time I lifted my head, pulling more pre-cum into my mouth. It was salty, musky, manly. Damn, I was starting to drive myself wild.

I cupped his balls in my left hand and massaged them as I pumped my mouth up and down his cock. He met each downward stroke, pressing himself further into my mouth as I took in every possible inch. His hands found the top of my head and he pushed as deep as he could, holding me for a moment before releasing me so I could take a gulp of air. My breathing matched his, my nostrils flared as I sucked in a much-needed breath before swallowing him again. The pre-cum was flowing non-stop and I found myself hungrily devouring the precious fluid.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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