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“Damn it!” shouted Steve, frustrated, as he switched off the computer.

“What’s the matter?” asked Kat, looking up from her book.

“It’s this poster I’m designing,” explained Steve, “Or at least trying to design.” He folded his arms and slumped back into his chair.

“You mean the one for Ladies’ Day?” Kat wondered why Steve was having problems. He could normally knock up a poster in minutes, good ones too.

“No decent photos,” sighed Steve, “I must have scoured the entire Internet for over an hour and still came up with nothing. All I wanted was a photo of a woman on the footplate of a steam locomotive…”

Ladies’ Day was an established annual event at the Valley Line, in an attempt to attract more women into the male-dominated world of steam railway preservation. On this one day, the whole railway would be staffed by female volunteers. The steam train’s Driver and Fireman would be women, as would the Guard. More ladies would run the signalbox, check tickets and run the station, leaving the men to disappear into the background and get on with some less glamourous jobs like cleaning out the ash-pit.

“How about…” started Kat, and then stopped mid-sentence, seeming to change her mind.

“What?” asked Steve.

“It was nothing,” Kat said, “Unless…”

Steve looked at her encouragingly. “I haven’t had any better ideas.”

“Why don’t you get your camera and go down to the station this afternoon? We can take our pick of the engines, and I could be your cover girl for the day.”

Steve could have kissed her, in fact he did, and as they enjoyed the moment of intimacy, he remembered that Kat had done some modelling before they met. Lingerie, no less, and her boyfriend at the time had no idea. She hadn’t shown Steve any of the pictures but he could dream, couldn’t he?

They arrived at Bramford station at around 4pm and found they had the whole place to themselves. Steve busied himself looking for good angles and hunting for oily rags. His plan was to set fire to some of the rags in the smokebox of the locomotive, giving the impression that it was “in steam”. He was just setting up the tripod when Kat came round the corner. She was wearing the usual blue overalls – dungarees and a jacket, and her engine driver’s cap, with her hair tucked up inside.

“Come on babe, let’s get started” said Kat as she climbed the steps onto the footplate. Steve looked through the viewfinder and zoomed in, focusing on her beautiful round ass as she bent over to pick up the shovel. He gave a wolf-whistle, and Kat turned round sharply. “We’re supposed to be attracting women to the Railway,” she said, “not dirty old men.”

“So I’m a dirty old man, am I?” said Steve, “Thanks very much!”

“Well, not old, anyway,” Kat had to concede, “but as for dirty…” Kat left the sentence hanging as they both thought back to the events of last Friday night in berth 1a of the sleeping carriage.

Like a true professional, Kat posed for Steve as the shutter clicked away. Kat rubbed some soot on her fingers and drew a couple of light smudges on her face. She lifted her cap and ran her fingers through her long, dark hair, giving it a tousled look. Steve looked her in the eye and licked his lips before getting back to the job in hand. Click, click, click.

As he watched through the viewfinder, he could see Kat take off her jacket and loosen the top button of the blue shirt she wore underneath. It was one of Steve’s old uniform shirts that he had given her to wear at the railway and he could see the fabric pull tight across her breasts. Kat undid another button and bent forward, leaning on the shovel. As Steve zoomed in he could see the dark valley of her cleavage. He watched transfixed as a single bead of sweat ran slowly down, and disappeared between Kat’s glistening breasts.

Steve reached into his pocket for another roll of film and realised he was becoming aroused. Hardly surprising, as Kat’s poses became more tantalising. She was bending over again, pretending to shovel some coal into the firebox and Steve stopped for a moment to enjoy the view of Kat’s curvy bottom.

“It’s a wrap!” shouted Steve. He had plenty of good shots, he was sure. The last roll of film wouldn’t be suitable for use on the poster, but he might print some off for his own personal enjoyment.

“Not so fast!” called Kat, “I’m going to get changed and we can take some more pictures.”

Steve watched as she climbed the steps to the signal box, then busied himself loading the film, wondering what she had in store. As he finished setting up the tripod around the front of the locomotive he felt two soft hands cover his eyes. “Surprise!” eryaman escort whispered Kat, and gently kissed the back of his neck. Steve turned round and saw Kat with a long red cape drawn around her shoulders. She had tied her hair up and cleaned the smudges from her face, the white fur-trimmed collar contrasting with her rosy cheeks and full red lips. Steve looked down. The cape reached down to Kat’s ankles, and he caught a glimpse of white, and saw the heels…

Steve sighed, knowing that she was wearing those boots. They were pure white and shiny, and clung to Kat’s shapely calves all the way to her knees. The four-inch heels and platform soles made her long legs look like they went on forever. As she slowly opened the cloak he gazed at the boots before allowing his gaze to travel upwards. Steve let out a low whistle as he took in the short dress Kat was wearing. It was mainly red, with a green pattern on the soft fabric. The hem and neckline were trimmed with lace. Before Steve had a chance to speak, Kat put one foot onto the locomotive’s running-plate and struck a pose. Steve, not wanting to waste an oppurtunity, stepped back behind the camera once more and began snapping away.

Kat turned round and leaned forward, touching the toes of her boots with both hands, then just as Steve thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, a gust of wind lifted the short skirt above her waist. Kat immediatley reached round to flick it back down, but the short glimpse had been enough. Steve felt his cock stiffen as he realised Kat wasn’t wearing any underwear. A sly grin crept onto his face. He was pretty sure he had it all on film. “Wow,” he thought to himself, “that girl sure has a great ass!”

He was about to take another picture but a sharp clunk told him that this was the end of the film. The last roll. “Party’s over babe!” he shouted to Kat, “no more film.”

“That’s what you think,” purred Kat as she walked slowly towards him, “The party’s just starting.”

As she put her arms around him he saw a faraway look in her eyes. It was starting to become familiar to him, a combination of love and pure, naked lust. A heartbeat later they were sharing a smooth, warm kiss. His arms circled her waist as he drew her closer. As Kat parted her lips he felt her soft tongue reaching for his. Steve lowered his hands and gently squeezed the two fleshy round globes of her naked ass. He felt the warm supple flesh yield beneath his fingers and was about to reach between her legs when Kat broke off the kiss. Surprised, Steve’s hands dropped to his sides, but before he could question her she skipped quickly away and climbed onto the footplate of the steam locomotive. Steve could do nothing but follow her, and he watched as she took off the red cloak and spread it out across the rough floorboards.

Kat sat down on the cloak and gestured for Steve to sit down beside her. He had barely sat down when Kat reached across to kiss him. He opened his arms to embrace her but before he could she gripped him firmly by the wrists and pressed his arms against his sides. Steve liked it when a woman took control of the situation, and when Kat pushed him back down onto the footplate and straddled him he offered no resistance. This time when he tried to wrap his arms around her, Kat forced his arms back onto the floor so his hands were above his head, and held him tightly so he couldn’t move.

She was teasing him now. She hovered above him, her lips tantalisingly close, yet so far away. Steve tried to lift his head to kiss her but she moved just out of reach. He couldn’t lift his head any further because Kat still had hold of his arms. He lowered his head and waited. Slowly, Kat brought her lips closer, closer, until they were barely touching his. Before he could kiss her she moved her head again, this time fluttering her eyelashes against his upturned throat. Steve took a deep breath, and let it out slowly as he felt his cock straining inside his trousers. He was powerless to move while Kat held him like this, and it was driving him wild with anticipation, especially now that he knew that her ass was exposed to the fresh evening air.

Kat, still holding Steve’s arms tightly, leaned forward to kiss him gently on the forehead. Seizing his moment, Steve lifted his head and planted a soft kiss on her outstretched neck. Kat froze, giving Steve the chance to plant a second, then a third kiss, before turning his head and gently blowing in her ear. He heard Kat sigh, and as he kissed her again, he felt her grip loosen, so he freed his hands and began running his fingers through her hair as he continued nuzzling her neck esat escort and nibbling her earlobes. He paused to gaze into her eyes, and saw a smouldering look of defeat. Her knew her weakness, that was all, and she was powerless to resist.

Ashamed of her momentary lapse, Kat once again took the lead, climbing off Steve’s prone body and getting onto all fours next to him. Steve needed no further invitation and raised himself to his knees, positioning himself behind her. He lifted the hem of her dress and took in the full glory of Kat’s ass, naked as a jaybird. Ke kissed both cheeks before running a finger between her legs. He felt the warm wetness of her pussy and as he ran his finger along her slit she let out a low moan. Steve licked his finger before slowly working it between her lips. As he did so Kat sighed, and slipped the top of her dress down, letting her breasts swing free.

Steve reached forward with his free hand and gently tweaked a nipple, feeling it harden and grow longer between his fingers. “I want you baby,” murmured Kat as she writhed beneath Steve’s touch. She reached back and grabbed his crotch, feeling his stiffness through his trousers. As she fumbled with the zipper, Steve unbuttoned his shirt and then, seeing that Kat was having a little trouble, stood up and took off his trousers and boxer shorts. He knelt back down, and leant over Kat and kissed the back of her neck. She turned her head and their lips met, the passion of the kiss causing Steve’s already engorged cock to stiffen more and brush against Kat’s pussy.

He grabbed his shaft and with one hand began to rub the head along her slit, coating it with her juices. Kat reached back, and with two fingers, spread the lips of her pussy, and thrust her ass into the air. Steve took this as a signal to continue and gently slid his cock inside. The soft walls of her pussy gripped his cock as he slipped inside. Entering her from behind allowed him to penetrate deeper and each time he felt his balls slap against the back of Kat’s thighs he heard her emit a soft moan.

As Kat leaned on one elbow, she used the other hand to squeeze her breasts together and pinch her nipples as they swung back and forth in time with Steve’s thrusts. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her onto his shaft, enjoying the view of her round ass in front of him. He raised on hand to his mouth and licked two fingers, before gently teasing her asshole. Kat sighed deeply as he rubbed his wet finger round her ring, and sensing no resistance, he gently eased his finger inside. Steve paused as he heard Kat’s sharp intake of breath. “Don’t stop, lover,” whe whispered, so Steve continued, squeezing his finger into one tight hole while his cock explored the other.

As he worked his digit in and out in time with the fucking he was giving her he felt her muscles squeezing him. If they were squeezing his finger like that, what would it feel like on his cock? As if in answer to his unspoken question Kat turned round and fixed him with one eye. As she bit her bottom lip she cried out “Fuck me in the ass baby, in the ass!” Steve didn’t need telling twice, and slowly pulled his cock from her pussy, and gently withdrew his finger. He rubbed his cock up and down between her cheeks, lubricating her tight hole with her own pussy juices. Kat gasped as he pressed against her, feeling the resistance, and then sighed with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt him enter her.

As Steve gently worked his cock in and out, he couldn’t believe how tight it felt. He could feel Kat’s muscles tensing, as he thrust, squeezing him harder. “Oh yes… Oh yes baby….” gasped Kat, “Fuck my little ass!”

Steve loved it when she talked dirty. The combination of Kat’s dirty talk and her tight little ass meant Steve couldn’t possibly last much longer before he exploded. “I’m gonna cum!” he shouted, “Real soon.”

Kat had two fingers inside her pussy and was rubbing her clit with her thumb, and the combination of this and Steve’s hard cock in her ass took her over the edge. “Oh yessss…” she sighed as she felt the first wave of her orgasm overcoming her body, “Come in my ass, baby!” she commanded, then she was lost for words, and all she could do was pant like a dog on a hot day. As Kat came, coating her fingers with even more of her wet pussy juices, her whole body stiffened, she clenched her muscles, squeezing Steve’s cock so tightly that he was momentarily unable to move. A second later he too stiffened, and groaned as he filled Kat’s ass with streams of his hot sticky liquid.

They stayed locked together for a moment, each getting their breath back. Once they ankara escort had got dressed, Steve gathered up the camera and tripod and followed her back to where he had parked the motorbike. He was sure Kat was walking, well not quite with a limp, but differently… “Not surprising really,” he thought to himself as he reached into his pocket for the keys…

* * * * *

Steve woke with a start when he heard the alarm. He felt colder than usual, and when he looked next to him he knew why. The other half of the double bed was empty. Kat was gone. He reached over to switch on the light and felt unexpected warmth against his hand. There was a mug of tea on the bedside table, still warm. Kat hadn’t been gone long then. As he lifted the steaming mug to his lips, he read the note that had been tucked underneath it. “This is the last one I make you – YOU are the teaboy today. Kat xxx.”

Of course, he thought, rubbing his eyes, today is Ladies’ Day. He finished his tea and quickly dressed, putting on his overalls and cap and then closing the door to berth 1a. As he walked along the platform towards the engine shed he saw Kat looking down at him from the poster advertising Ladies’ Day at the railway. A moment later she was there for real, polishing the brass on the locomotive as a fire crackled away in the grate. He climbed onto the footplate and kissed her on the lips. “That’s the last one of those you get today as well,” she said.

Steve nodded his head. The other volunteers, and indeed the public, would be here soon, and they had to do their job like true professionals. “How’s it going, Driver?” Steve asked, emphasising the word “Driver”, knowing Kat was in charge of the locomotive today.

“Very well, thank you,” she replied, and handed him a rag, “Get polishing!”

He began buffing up the copper pipes. “Who have I got as Fireman today?” asked Kat.

Steve stood up and grabbed the shovel, smiling. “I thought it was supposed to be Ladies’ Day,” said Kat, surprised, “And I know you’re certainly no lady!” She smacked his bottom playfully as he skilfully flicked a shovelful of coal onto the fire.

“Someone has to keep an eye on you!” he chuckled.

The Valley Line only had one qualified lady Driver, and she was covering the afternoon shift. As a “Fireman”, Kat could drive the train, but only under the supervision of a Driver. Steve would supervise while Kat took care of the driving, and another lady volunteer kept up a supply of steam in her role as Fireman.

Kat turned towards the station as she heard the sound of a motorbike approaching across the gravel car park. She watched as a black-clad figure dismounted and strode towards the engine shed. “I thought we were going to have a lady Fireman,” said Kat, disappointed. Steve said nothing.

Kat’s disappointment turned to surprise as the figure removed its crash helmet and shook free a full head of shoulder-length blonde hair. “Is that…?” she started, struggling to bring to mind a half-remembered name.

“Jenni Rich,” answered Steve, “Our newest recruit to the Locomotive Department.”

“Not little Jenni?” said Kat, shaking her head, “It can’t be…”

Kat remembered Jenni as a shy 15-year-old schoolgirl who came to the Railway with her father. Then she realised it was nearly four years since she had become a member of the preservation society, and it all clicked into place. Still, it was hard to think that this slim, pretty 19-year-old woman who had just climbed off her motorcycle was the same Jenni.

Jenni disappeared into the lamproom and emerged a couple of minutes later dressed in a blue boiler suit, which was, thought Steve refelectively, just a bit too tight now she had grown up a little. He contented himself with making a can of tea while Kat helped Jenni make up the fire.

Steve entered the lamproom and reached up to the top shelf for some teabags. The only window had been boarded up after vandals had smashed it and there were no lights. “Lamproom, indeed…” muttered Steve to nobody in particular; the building had once been used to store oil lamps, hence its name, but was now just used for storage and tea-making. Steve swore as he knocked a half-empty box of teabags onto the floor. As he bent to pick them up he noticed that Jenni’s bag lay open on the floor, and that some of the teabags had fallen inside. He reached across and was surprised at what else he found.

The tiny silken g-string he could understand, she was a young woman now, and rode a motorcycle, dressed in leather, but what about the handcuffs? He was awakened from his reverie by Kat calling his name. He quickly picked up the rest of the teabags and headed back to her. “It’s going to be an interesting day…” he thought, as he closed the door behind him.

* Author’s Note: “Assistance In Rear” is a railway term used when a failed train is assisted from behind by a locomotive, but I’m sure you can think of another use… 😉

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