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I can see you across the other side of the table making small talk with your neighbour. You’re acting interested but I can tell you’re bored. You look over and see me looking at you; you smile and give me the universal gesture for a drink. I smile and nod. We both excuse ourselves from our conversations and squeeze ourselves through the busy crowd to the old oak bar across the room. The queue is 5 people deep and the one barman is being slow at pouring drinks. I almost feel sorry for him rushing around while punters shout at him over the music.

As I meet you at the back of the crowd you smile at me and say,

“Hello,” that cheeky open-mouthed smile that makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. I look back at you and say,

“Hi,” while trying to hide my blushes.

There’s a slightly awkward pause.

“It’s busy tonight.” I muse to you.

“Yeah, is a bit.” You say back. You look nice tonight, your brown pin stripe shirt makes you look even taller then you are; your 3-day-old stubble shows off your strong jaw line and gives you an attractive unkempt look. I subconsciously lick my lips.

We’re making idle small talk as we’re forced together from the sheer weight of people pushing from behind desperate to whet their whistle. Angry stag party members raucously heckle the barman from 2 rows back. I look over to the back of the bar where there is a DJ playing CD’s. There are some people dancing and other people slumped in the corners using every available ledge to balance their pint on. The bar is small but has lots of small nooks and crannies within the low beamed ceiling that people squeeze themselves into.

We’ve hardly moved towards the bar but we’re pushed even closer together now, side-by-side like two unhappily herded cows. I’m trying to make conversation over the noise of everyone talking but it’s difficult. I shift my body slightly so that it’s in front of yours and I can feel your warmth at my side. You must be able to feel my rounded arse against your leg, I wonder if you like that. I wonder if you can smell my sweet perfume.

We shuffle forward towards the bar and another crowd surge means you move even more behind me and I can feel your whole body on my back, your hands rest gently on my shoulders. I wonder if you like my soft skin, my long brown curly hair falling around my shoulders and my low cut top, which you can probably see down. I turn my face up to look at you but you’re looking beşevler escort straight ahead.

I try to say something to you but you can’t hear me so you move your face down to mine so I can talk into your ear, your aftershave smells inviting, I take in a deep breath of it and almost forget what I was going to say. I wonder if you’re thinking about my plump red stained lips, I’m wondering if you want to kiss them.

“Do you wanna dance for a bit? Wait for the queue to go down?” I ask you tentatively as I nod over to the dance floor. You’re hesitant, unsure if you want to dance at all, but it’ll probably be better than this waiting and the DJ is playing some decent songs. To my relief you nod in agreement and I lead.

The DJ plays a song with a good base and we sidle towards the dance floor through the crowd. There’s plenty of room as not many people are dancing, but it’s dark with just a single disco light flashing around the room. I dance looking at the floor, or to the side, rarely glancing in your direction. When I do look at you, you seem uncomfortable and not sure what to do with yourself. I come over to you and shake your arms to liven you up.

You look at me then and smile again. I love that smile. I move away to dance in the middle of the room and you watch me dance. I spin slowly in a circle rotating my hips as I do. As I turn back round to you I can see your eyeline is right where my arse just was. I smile at you knowingly and you look away, embarrassed.

I dance towards you and subtly edge closer and closer to you. You still look unsure, nervous even. I peak over your shoulder to the group and no one can see us on the dance floor but to make sure I gradually dance towards the back wall and you follow. My back gets to the wall and you come close, we dance face to face. I put my arms above my head and sway to the music; you gingerly put your hands on my waist, feeling my soft curves move between your hands; my lithe hips are swirling to the rhythm. Your touch feels electric as you slip your hands under my top and caress my midriff; your fingertips are warm.

In one swift move, you dip me backwards with one hand behind my back and the other hand behind my knee, pulling my toned leg up to your side. As you pull me back up to standing I laugh, we both do, but then it’s serious. You look at me, your face full of worry. You go to say something but I put my fingertips beypazarı escort on your lips to stop you. I take my hand away and replace my fingers with my lips, gently kissing you on the mouth, one hand on the back of your neck.

I pull away and bite my lip, closing my eyes slightly; you taste of IPA and salt and vinegar crisps and your aftershave is intoxicating. When I look at you again you have lust in your eyes; you want more from me.

I quickly pull you towards the side of the room and into the small dark corridor that leads to the backdoor. Once we’re in the privacy of darkness you immediately push me up against the wall and kiss me hard, hungrily biting and sucking at my lips; I respond in the same way and put my hands on the back of your neck, bringing your head towards mine.

Your hands are on my back, undoing my bra clasp easily allowing my perfectly rounded amble breasts to break free so you can stroke them. You lift my top up over my breasts and lightly bite my right nipple while squeezing the left; your other hand is on my lower back pulling me in towards you. I run my hands through your soft blonde hair moaning gently.

You bring your face up to kiss me as you slide your hand down the front of my skirt, into my panties and between my legs. Your fingers find the soft, already wet opening of my slit and I gasp. You plunge your fingers inside my pussy and then rub the button of my clit while cupping and squeezing my breast and kissing my neck all at once. I feel as if I am having a sensory overload and my head starts to feel fuzzy. I gasp for air as the passion increases between us, I feel as if I could come already as your fingers expertly pleasure me.

I move my hand towards your jeans and feel your large throbbing cock through them, you groan when I find the head of your swollen cock and squeeze it through your jeans. I undo your jeans belt and top button and run my hands around the top of your boxers, this makes you groan louder. I unzip your jeans and they fall to the floor, my hand finds your cock and I take it in my hand and stroke it gently. You’re rock hard and I can feel your hips thrusting your cock forward, wanting to fuck my hand, wanting to come.

I pull your hand away from between my legs and I tell you to fuck me. You hesitate for just a moment, you’re thinking the same as I am; what if someone comes into the corridor? This thought ankara escort doesn’t last long though and you lift me up by my thighs and push me up against the wall, your strong arms hold me aloft easily. I reach between my legs, bring my skirt up towards my waist and push my panties to one side. Your cock is waiting, primed. My pussy is ready for you, dripping wet with the anticipation.

You watch me as I take your cock and guide it towards me, then inside me. You push inside me and I groan sharply as you fill me completely. You thrust inside me and let my body sink onto your length, you’re so deep inside me and I want to tell you to stop but I can’t, I’ve never been taken so deeply before and the pleasure deep within me is sudden and surprising.

You thrust inside me while lifting me up and down, I feel as light as a feather in your expert arms; I can’t do anything but hold onto your shoulders.

I feel faint, dizzy; I’m nearly coming.

The pleasure intensifies between my legs and so do my groans and gasps. I try again to tell you to be gentler but I have no words in my mouth, I have no control over my body. You’re groaning too but softer, concentrating on the task in hand.

Suddenly your face contorts and you grunt louder, forcing yourself deeper inside me, the extra force pushes me over the edge.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!” I’m repeating over and over as I grab onto your hair and my thighs tighten around your waist.

My pussy contracts around your cock as we both come together, our bodies twisting and thrusting as the orgasm washes over us. We fall silent in the moment as the orgasm takes our voice away from our throats and our bodies buck in involuntarily spasm.

As it subsides we’re left panting and gasping for air. You pull your spent cock from inside me and lower me to the ground then lean on the wall exhausted. You’re still holding me and we look into each other’s eyes, out of breath, out of words.

“I said; what do you want to drink?” You were yelling at me over the noise; we’ve reached the front of the bar and the barman is looking at us expectantly, impatiently. I look at you a little flushed then I remember where I am, we never left the queue for the bar.

“Gin and tonic, please.” I finally say. You tell the barman while still looking at me with an odd expression on your face.

“You ok?” You ask me.

“Sorry. I was miles away!” I say then and you chuckle. You hand me the drink and we head back to the group. We go back to our original seats at opposite ends of the table. You resume your conversation with your friend. I look over at you but you don’t notice. A small thrill ripples through me at the thought of my fantasy. It’s a shame it wont ever be true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32