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“Ugh” I express out loud at the news I hear as I walk into the mission briefing.

Todays flight will be with passengers. Apparently a goodwill flight for the Communications Group. Sounds to me like a bunch of people that have no idea what is going on and I was looking forward to lounging around and sleeping on this flight. Oh well!

I find out our receivers are a group of F-16’s so that should be pretty easy and I call the passenger terminal to find out how many will be coming on the flight. I am told 20 people will be coming up with us. Thats not the most people I have had to cycle through the Boom Pod but it will be a quick one for sure. I continue the brief with the pilots and let them know about the passengers and they seem equally as unenthused by our incoming passengers.

They both look me dead in the eye and say “You know what to do!”

By this they mean that I should evaluate the people flying and pick the hottest girl and stick them in the jump seat. This is standard practice as the pilots may be bigger horn-dogs than me but only by a little.

Just before leaving for the plane I call the Passenger Terminal again to let them know when I want the passengers delivered. While on the call I’m told the number has dropped to 10 because of work requirements. Thats good news for me as less people means more relaxing. I get to the plane and run my checklist to get going and make sure that everything is good to go. I then see a single car pull up to the plane at the time that I asked for our passengers and I see a single person get out of the car and walk up to the plane. I walk out to greet them and see that its a woman.

I introduce myself as I look her over. By any definition of the word she is pretty. I try not to be obvious but the smirk on her face tells me she knows what I’m doing and gives me her non-verbal approval to continue. She is Blond but has it in a tight bun behind her head so the length is a mystery, and her blue eyes seem to look through me and deep to the thoughts I have that seem to only have one thought, ‘She’s mine, the pilots can go and fuck themselves.’ Her breasts are a size C/D which is more than a handful and will be great to manhandle, she’s small about size 3 or a 4 and standing around 5’1.

I can tell even in her BDU’s that her body will leave me standing at attention for the entire flight and my flight suit will not do much to hide this fact. I tell her what we are doing today and invite her to follow me around to show her the different parts of the plane. Part of my preflight is checking the doors and I offer to show her how they come out and go back in.

I have her stand between me and the door and place her right hand on the door lever and cover it with my hand as I press into her from the back and whisper in her ear “Sometimes it can be Hard and you really need to force it in”.

The double entendra is not lost on her and as I place my left hand on her hip I feel her press back and know that today will be one of my best flights ever. We then walk back to the end of the plane as I point out the beds that sit above the Boom Pod and then lead her into the Boom Pod for the first time today.

I plan for at least one of these times she will cum out of the boom pod but in the best possible way. I quickly show her the controls that we will be using today and then I climb out. I end up beating her out of the pod and lend my hand to help her out of the hole and as she is coming up I don’t hide the emek escort erection own my flight hit that she notices with a small expression of surprise.

We walk back to the front where I introduce her to the 2 pilots and then let her decide whether she would like to sit in front of me in the jump seat or would she rather sit behind me in the navigators seat?

She leans over and this time whispers in my ear, “If I sit in the seat behind you then how will you ever be able to stare a hole through my pants?”

She says this as she climbs by me into her seat and stretches those pants that have no reason to look this sexy. She knows that I’m staring and is enjoying this slow tease, We start the engines and I see the tentativeness in her eyes as she hasn’t been in the Cockpit before for a takeoff. I place my hand on her hip and tell her that everything is going perfectly. I slowly run my hand down her hip to her outside thigh and she sucks in her breath sharply. We begin to roll down the runway for take-off going faster and faster. She begins to get scared and pulls my hand off her hip to her chest for more protection, I open my hand as she secures it in place and form my hand around her beautiful breast encased in a bra, brown shirt and her BDU top.

Certainly to much clothing for my taste but I begin to massage and knead her breast and she quietly moans through both fear and pleasure at my touch. I notice that she has started to relax and has dropped one hand into her lap while still gently holding my hand to her breast. I move my hand to her right breast and stop feigning protection of any sort and openly grope her directly behind my pilots. I see her left hand in her lap press firmly into the narrow V that her thighs create at the top and know that she is wanting release. Soon Ashleys. Soon you will have your release, as I will mine.

After take off I decide that its time to get her to undress a bit and work the air till its warm and she asks if its alright if she loses her top? A request that I am happy came. With her BDU top off its even better than I thought it would be. I prepare for our first Air Refueling and let lead Ashley back to the Pod for a second time.

What I didn’t warn her about is that even with the plane being warm up front the rear and specially the Boom Pod would be near freezing. My plan was to get her nipples hard and let her remember me playing. No sooner had we got into the Boom Pod then we heard that the fighters were delayed. I let her know that then offered to let her try out the Boom.

I told the pilots that I was going to lower the boom anyway and they didn’t care. Before doing that I told her that if she wanted to fly my stick then she would need to lose the shirt and bra. The bra wasn’t that thick as I could see her nipples poking through the shirt and she seemed excited to be able to handle the stick and pulled her shirt off and then her bra soon followed. She handed them to me for placement and I moved over to allow her into my position. Ran my hands across her back and then down to her butt.

I told her how comfortable she would be without the pants and pushed her over and undid her belt and began unbuttoning her pants as she tried to keep the Boom from hitting the plane. When I had her pants unbuttoned I slid my hand into her pants and along her Mons Venus and she breathed in sharply as I first touched her clitoris which already stood tall under her protective hood. Even without running eryaman escort my fingers the entire length of her pussy I could feel the heat coming from her sex.

With my other free hand I cupped then pinched her engorged nipple. The cold and inevitable sex in the air had done wonders for her responses. I slowly pushed her pants down to her ankles which gave me enough room to play. My pilots called over the radio that the fighters were coming in and would be here in a couple minutes. I was not done playing and Ashley would soon learn that this job can be quite exciting. I told her what was going to happen with the planes arriving and told her that she would be refueling them while I fingered her sweet pussy. Slid my finger between her thighs and up.

I felt the heat before I touched the soft inviting lips of her pussy that were slick with her excitement. I ran my fingers up and down before sliding one then two fingers into her. They slid in without much effort as we saw the first plane arrive. I told that the receivers may enjoy this as much as she will and her look told me that she was as confused by this statement as excited by my actions.

I told her that the pilots in the fighter would clearly be able to see her and that while we were giving them gas, she would be giving them a show of those Fantastic breasts. She seemed quite reluctant and as we guided the first plane into position and I continued my ministrations on her now wanton needs. Even over the noise in the airplane I could hear her breathing increase and whimpering from her impossible to escape orgasm. Once in contact I asked the fighter pilot if he would like to see something spectacular to which he agreed his urge.

At this I told Ashley that it was show time. She shook her head and to this I pushed my 2 fingers as deep as they would go and played my thumb to the entrance of her ignored until now hole. She jumped at this new intrusion and moved forward and played her breasts almost against the glass. When this happened I received the affirmation of approval from the fighter pilot at the wonderful assets the Air Force always provides. She scowled at me and told me how uncool it was that I would force her to do that.

She began pushing back down into the seat to remove her breasts from the screen but I left my hand and fingers where they were. If she wanted to return to her original spot then she was going to do so on her own. She felt the pressure on her asshole and still continued to push back until I could feel the tip of my thumb enter her. Another sharp breath told me this was a new experience for her, so I started to finger her again while slowly moving my thumb in small movements in and out pushing just a fraction more each time. She now was bucking against my hand and moved her right hand off the stick and onto her breast to roll and pinch her nipple as she had another orgasm in the back of this plane with a man she only just met.

As we had more time before the next plane would arrive I told her that I wanted to see her something on my side and that she needed to move over to my side to see it. She slid over and I moved back to allow her space. When she finished moving over I pointed out the small window near her head to which she stated not seeing anything spectacular. “It’s quite spectacular from my position” I corrected her. Then I grabbed her hips with both hands and lifted her to a kneeling position. I then reached into my unzipped flight suit ankara escort and pulled out my cock for the first time that day. She knew my intention before I pushed the head into her pussy.

She could sense my intentions and began to slide back until my thick head touched the outside of her pussy and I pushed forward and began fucking her deep and hard as she held onto the metal poles for support and began screaming in pleasure from my attack as I continued fucking her. I felt myself near my climax and told her that I was going to leave this so deep in her that she would be dripping for hours. I held her tight and she tried to escape my grip but it was too late as I felt the first jets of my cum enter her and once I was done I pulled out tucked myself back into my flight suit. Ashley on the other hand was all but spent and remained motionless and breathing heavily with her ass still perched in the air which was such a beautiful sight.

I reached out and smacked her ass hard to get her attention and let her know the other planes all canceled and that we were done back here. She looked back in disappointment as her hair had come loose in the activity her blond hair draped over her face and stuck to her face where she began sweating. I helped her stand where she was and she was a sight to be held as her pants were still around her ankles with her boots on and naked besides that. I helped pull her pants up and then handed back her shirt but kept her bra. She didn’t seem to notice as she slipped her shirt on and tucked it into her pants before buttoning them up. Seeing her once again caused my cock to grow and as I watched her move forward into the cockpit once more I stopped her. I told her to get on her knees and pull my dick out. She complied quickly and in our location I was able to talk with the pilots and they could see me but she was hidden behind my chair.

Almost as soon as she had pulled my dick out did she put it in her mouth and begin sucking me deep into her mouth. Fuck she is fantastic at this and I placed my hand on the back of her head to push her deeper still. She was a great cocksucker without question one of the best and made talking with the pilots somewhat challenging for me.

They asked where the hottie was to which I replied “She is getting some protein to eat as we speak”.

Taking this to mean she was just eating something in the back of the plane they began talking about how much they wanted to fuck that sweet ass of hers and playing with those huge tits. While they were having their discussion I was filling Ashleys mouth and throat with another load of cum. She then released my dick from her lips and stood up.

She moved forward and sat in the seat between the pilots. The pilots both looked at her oddly as she was still disheveled with her hair a mess and her nipples poking through her shirt even more now than ever without her bra. On top of that wonderful look she seemed to forget that not all of my cum was swallowed as there was a small line of cum down her chin.

Both pilots almost at the same time looked at me and smiled then told her that she missed some to which she reached up and wiped the spot with a finger and licked it clean. By the time we made it back to base and landed she was able to finish getting cleaned up and put back together.

I walked her off the plane and she told me what a great ride she had and the flight was nice to. I told her “In the tanker world, Your hole is my goal!”

She smiled as I then watched her walk down the stairs and get into the car to drive away. I looked at my bag and thought ‘if she wants that bra back I guess she will need to find me to pay for it back with more of that body.

Easily my favorite flight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32